About Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan was born July 2, 2009.  He is a Yorkie. Please don't ask me what breed he is mixed with, he is a pure bred Yorkie. (not that it matters anyway)

Dexter was named after the serial killer in the T.V. show Dexter. I can't tell you why I named my sweet boy after a serial killer. He isn't the least bit vicious. He will lick your face of if you aren't careful.

I love to hog the bed from Mama and Papa. 
Sleeping under the covers.
Chasing my kitty friends.
Getting chases by other pups.
Giving out smooches. 
Eating cat food.
Ice Cream
the dog park.

I don't like to eat lettuce. ick!

I run at the sight of a bath towel. I hate getting clean. Or my nails clipped. 

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