I will never.....

I will never have to fight for the sink with you. I will be able to brush my teeth without having you try to jump back in the sink 30 times. 

I will never be woken up by your sandpaper tongue looking for food at 3 AM.

I will never gag (and almost throw up) from the smell of your (wet) cat food. 

I will never have to come and get you from the porch when we turn the AC on, and you meow bloody murder because I make you come inside. 

I will never have to lug the heavy boxes of cat litter up all those stairs. 

I will never have to tell Dexter Morgan to leave you alone, and stop picking on you. 

I will never have to fight for my pillow before bed. Or sleep without a pillow at night because you look so darn cute and I don't want to move you. 

I will never be able to give you a bath anymore, and brag to people how much you love baths. 

I will never have to worry about having cat hair all over my clothes when I leave for work. 

I will never have to worry about my flowers being eaten and destroyed by you. 

I will never have you crawl up into my arms and snuggle in during movie time. 

I will never forget you. 

Its been less than 24 hours since you're gone and I've hated every minute of it. I'm so lucky I had you around for 15 years. I'm glad you and Tiger will be together again. #allkittysgotoheaven

We buried Slyvester (Tayo) at the farm last night. In two weeks we will bring a tree back to plant over his grave. Ryan would like to plant an apple tree-so every year we can bake a pie and celebrate/remember Tay. 

RIP little guy.

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a birthday photo shoot

Last week Dexter Morgan turned five years old. This dog has brought more joy into my life than I can tell you.  

I love coming home everyday getting smothered with smooches from him. Seeing him try to balance himself on the bed just to be tall enough to reach me for more smooches as I change into yoga pants. The way he bites at the end of the pants as I put them on. Or when he growls at my shoes when he knows its time for a walk or trip to the dog park. 

Since his birthday was on a Tuesday this year ,and we wouldn't be celebrating till the weekend with our niece and nephew. I thought it was the perfect time for a photo shoot. Its been a while since I forced Dexter to sit still and look handsome. Here are some of my favorites from his birthday photo shoot. 

**no puppies were harmed in the making of this photo shoot ;) **

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4th of July 2014

This year we had plans to head out of town for the 4th. After some thought about how little we will be home in the month of August we canceled our out of town plans. We ended up having a great time at home. 

Friday morning we hitched a ride with Meg, and Mr. C. down to Canterbury Park for free hot dogs, beer, wiener dog races, and of course horse races. We live only about five minutes away from the track and couldn't believe this is our first time in over a year back at Canterbury.

wiener dog races!

After five hours at the track and me losing some $ we stopped home and got Dexter and headed down to Waconia to Ry-guy's moms house. His sister, her BF, Grandma Ellie, and his niece and nephews were ready to party like its 1776, and celebrate Dexter's 5th birthday with party hats and cupcakes. 

We were lucky enough to see 40 minutes of fireworks. Waconia held fireworks over Lake Waconia, and due the the flooding this year the Taste of MN was moved to Waconia and they also had fireworks that night. The Taste of MN has always had great fireworks and this year they did not disappoint.  I might have taken 316 photos of the fireworks. I recently purchased the Galaxy S5 which has an AMAZING CAMERA! I had to test it out ;)

All in all it was a great 4th of July!

What did you do? 

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five years

Today marks the fifth day of birth of my best friend, and only constant in my life for the past several years. I've been through so much with this little guy, a break-up, loss of people close to me, changing friendships, and so much more. I figured I would share some of my favorite photos of my best friend over the past five years. 

first time I ever laid eyes on him. I couldn't wait for him to come home with me

I'm so lucky this little man came into my life. I can't wait to spend many more years with you Dexter "Monkey" Morgan. Just stop growing so dang fast already!

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