what's going on....

so I'm a week shy of not blogging for a whole month. wow! I've logged on to this little piece of the internet more times I can count to post a blog. my fingers just stop typing when I get here. weird. A lot of stuff has been happening in the past three weeks since the blog was updated. 

our softball league started. Although I haven't been able to play a game yet. I have plantar fasciitis that I am trying to rehab back into shape before attempting to play softball. It really sucks because growing up for 12 years every summer was spent playing fast pitch softball. I hope to get back into the swing of things sooner than later. the foot is slowly healing.

I've been on a pretty major health kick lately and been doing very well at it. I've almost completely transformed my diet. in the process I've lost 13lbs as of today. pretty proud of that fact. I didn't want to have to buy new clothes that were bigger. I wanted to be able to wear the cute clothes I have and buy some new stuff for spring/summer in a smaller size. 

lots of music award shows have been happening and that only feeds my addiction to live music. The last show was wayyyy back in March to see Mr. Bryan.  Every time I turn on the radio I hear about another summer music festival happening here or in Wisconsin. The only summer show I have on the books is Tim McGraw and that's not till August. #toolong  Tomorrow I will be purchasing Kip Moore tickets. Last night while watching the CMT music awards I was texting with Mrs. Mama D about going to see Dan & Shay. Only downer is both shows aren't till October. ugh!

I was reading like crazy and than I hit a bad book. what book am I talking about? This book. I have loved everything Emily Giffin has ever written, this book not so much. I'm surprised at how much I wasn't able to get into this book since it has to do with sports and love. I love love stories and sports. 

we've managed to fill up most of our June and July with events. ugh I mean I'm excited to see everyone that we have plans with but sometimes looking at our calendar gives me wicked anxiety. 

I have more posts to come. With much better pictures.

What's been going on with you?
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  1. okay first of all DAN AND SHAY ARE BOTH DUDES!? I mean it doesn't sound like a woman really on the "you and me" song but I had no idea. hilarious.

    Also was super disappointed with Emily Giffen's book. (SPOILER) I liked where it was headed but had hoped it'd work out with Ryan (before he went crazy) and that she'd have realized that the thing with coach was just an innocent crush. But instead she gave up her whole career for some old dude? lame book. wah.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome! I haven't read the new Emily Giffin book yet, but every one I know hasn't been a fan. Such a bummer!


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