there's a first time for everything

 My first....

album ever bought-Sir Mix A Lot-Baby got Back. It had a parental advisor sticker on it and I was clearly not over 17, but they let me buy it anyway. score!


celebrity crush-take your pick, Scott Baio, Mark Paul Gosselaar, or Bobby Brown. 


heartbreak- I was 19. We had dated since I was 15. Broke up for six months and ended up again for another two years. Finally decided at 22 it was time to get out of this mess I got myself into. 

concert-a country concert put on by a local radio station when I was 14. The headliner was Sawyer Brown. Several people performed that day. The very first opener was Leann Rimes. meh!

movie I saw opening night- Clueless-duh!


Disney movie I fell in love with-Sleeping Beauty. Still one of my top 5 favorites. 


pet- 2nd grade. a gerbil named Mischef

cell phone- I was 18 almost 19. I never wanted a cell phone. I was too cool for school with my pager. holla!


time I got drunk- I was 22 in Cloud town with Britni. Yes, I waited till I was 22 to get drunk. I didn't even go out on my 21st birthday. I was sick :( 

job- Frullati Cafe in the mall. The served smoothies and sandwiches when everyone had wanted to be healthy. Two months after that I started working at Calendar Club (the little pop up stand in the malls around the holidays with every calendar imaginable.) I was a total mall rat. Always at the mall even when I wasn't working. and to think now I hateeeee going to the mall. 

time I drank coffee- it was at 4th grade parent teacher conferences. I wanted to impress all my friends and drink the coffee that was put out for the parents. Whelp I tried it and burned half my tongue. It was really hard to eat or drink for the next week. NEVER AGAIN. I can barely do hot chocolate.  #wussy


What are some of your firsts?

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  1. Such a fun post! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite too!

  2. Oh my goodness, our hair!!! Fun times in Cloud!

  3. Loved this post :) And Zack Morris...hubba hubba ;)

  4. I had a gerbil named Mike :) and a rat named Kim. haha


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