my summer bucket list....

hit up the Minneapolis Farmers market

check out the cowboys at the Hamel Rodeo

play a round of mini golf at the Walker

watch one of these films outside

take a road trip


go to a twins game at Target field

enjoy drinks on the patio-multiple times


eat my way through the Minnesota State Fair


spend a day at the headwaters of the Mississippi River

apply to go (back) to school 

keep my office plants alive for the entire summer

eat lunch outside (at least) half the week 

blog regularly

go back to Chicago 

throw a fabulous 5th birthday party for Dexter

attend another outdoor concert besides Tim McGraw

drink my way through a beer garden

go for a walk over the Stone Arch Bridge

view fireworks multiple times

read six books

see more of my favorite Minnesota bloggers. 

meet some new Minnesota bloggers. 

what's on your summer bucket list?

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  1. Haha! That outdoorsy sign got me! So cute & hilarious! This list is pretty awesome.

    This summer, I want to start painting again. Although I pretty much sucked before I think it will be therapeutic. I would also like to take Bailey to the beach more often but the weather since I got back has been terrible!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. fun list! I want to see the headwaters sometime too - and eventually get up to International Falls one day too :)

  3. THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD LIST. i am going to steal a few. :) already making plans to go mini golfing at the walker- it looks so fun! i am already dreaming about the state fair. have you ever had the nitro ice cream there? it's in one of the buildings.. of course i cant remember which one.. i will figure it out by fair time and let you know because you must try it!

    good luck with applications to go back to school!

  4. I want to play mini golf at the Walker too! And of course go to Chicago :) What are your plans for Dexter's birthday?!


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