My Current Obsessions June 2014

craving: a soda. a big Dr. Pepper to be exact. Really trying to stay strong. Feel like an addict when I get this soda cravings. I've been doing really well about not drinking soda. 
listening to: Miranda's new album and these gems.

reading: Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

missing: Dexie Rexie and friends and family that live in other states. 

anticipating: our summer road trip out West (more details to follow)
needing: to get my hurrrr colored like bad. As Miranda says "what doesn't kill you only makes you blonder." wise words from that gal!
wishing: I had the money to travel wherever I wanted. 
wearing: a gopher t-shirt and jeans. #theusual
doing: work. still loving every minute of the new job though. 
hoping: that I won the lotto last night. I could use an extra 257 million in my back pocket. 
eating: these yummies. not that great for you but still so good!

drinking: water. always drinking water. wishing it was a Dr. Pepper. err a beer. an ice cold beer. 
buying: nothing. paying bills atm. 
loving: Minneapolis in the summer (well almost)
wanting: a vacation. even though we were in Chicago and it was fun. It would be fun to go someplace to have fun and not for a funeral :(
excited for: this weekend, mostly this event I'll be at with Shelby and Meg

quoting: TFIOS like crazy. I can't get enough of this book and movie. 

what are your current obsessions?

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  1. Those chocolates are so good! The pomegranate ones are my fav. I keep thinking about TFIOS too...one of my favorite quotes from it is "It's agood life, Hazel Grace." So simple, but I love the way he says it.

  2. I love those chocolates. Yummy

  3. Save the Date is on my to read list for this summer! I love MKA! We eat those chocolate pomegranates like crazy. I read TFIOS a month or so ago, have you seen the movie yet? I enjoyed the book!

  4. Those chocolates are one of the only things that got me through Aubrey's newborn stage. I ate them constantly! So good.


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