Isaiah's 5th Birthday Bash

Just getting back into the swing of things around here. Over Memorial Day weekend we made the short trip down to Iowa to see our niece and nephews. We were also there to celebrate Isaiah's 5th birthday. This kid seriously cracks me up every time I see him. Even though we had just seen the kids at Easter it felt like forever since we had seen them last. 

Friday night we got into town around 9pm and the kids were wide awake waiting for us. I can't decide which feeling is better, when I come home to Dexter (everyday) and he freaks out once he seems me, or when the kids are beyond excited to see you. tough call. Once we arrived Zaya brought me over some books for me to read to him. I love how much that boy loves to read. I'd buy him a zillion books if I could. He gets so excited once we start reading. He always likes to point out that I missed a page ( I never do, but he thinks I do-so cute) Once we finish one book he says "more, more, more".  We read five books that night before I told him I had to go to bed. I was exhausted!  

We woke up the day of his birthday party and took the kids to get donuts and juice. This is our little tradition with the kids. Anytime we're down there we do this. Besides our normal donuts and juice run we had to stop and get Dexter some toys. The bad puppy parents we are forgot to pack him toys. The kids we're really excited to pick out toys for Dex. We got home and the kids devoured the donuts so they could play with Dex. They love playing "texas war" with Dex aka tug-o-war. Dexter can really get into this game. After Dex decided he needed a break we hit up the park to play some football and swing on the swings. 

My little water bug had other ideas

someone got his energy back and didn't want to go back on the leash. To be fair to Dex he isn't on his leash very often. After he got over his "puppy phase" of running away every 1.2 seconds something clicked and he stayed near us when he was off leash. He started listening to us and responding to commands. The only time he is on his leash is for a walk, or in Petsmart when he has to be. 

After the park we went back to the house to get ready for the birthday party/BBQ. One of my favorite things about summer is barbecuing.  No food tastes as good on the stove as it does on the grill. 

 Ry-guy and I decided to take a short nap I figured the kids might to, but they were too busy with Dexter. 

after we got up from our nap someone was ready for his. 

He was up and ready before the party started and even more kids showed up. He slept for a good three days straight after returning from Iowa. 

I didn't get photos of Isaiah opening his gifts because the kids had a water balloon fight and water got all over my camera :(

Lots of trucks, cars, games, and water guns were given to the birthday boy. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-06at13525PM_zps68cc99b9.png


  1. Looks like Dexter enjoyed being spoiled :)

  2. These photos are so cute!

    Dexter is the man! I love him in so many ways =D

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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