man on the moon

three weeks down of the new job so far. everything is going amazing! only downside is I've not had much time for blogging. I was totally on a roll, and then just stopped rolling. Anywho. 

my first week was great, so great in fact to end the week I got to meet an astronaut. Mr. Harrison  "Jack" Schmitt. The last man to walk on the moon. He was part of the Apollo 17 mission the the moon.  The reason he came to speak to the students in my department is because he was the first astronaut who was a geologist to walk on the moon. The department I work in is part of the Earth Sciences Geology dept. He was so nice and incredibly personable. His stories were so amazing to hear. I felt like an astronaut groupie. lol

him in his astronaut photo

just walkin' on the moon


and if you've ever seen this photo of Earth, you might be surprised to learn Jack took this photo from spacethis photo is called The Blue Mable, it is said to be one of, if not the most used photo of the Earth. 


fun fact: his father received his degree from my dept. (way back then) Here is Mr. Schmitt holding his Fathers' thesis paper. so cool!

(the man pictured is not his father, just a friend)

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My Current Obsessions: May


Maybe Someday

I just finished this book, and of course I loved it. Colleen Hoover is amazing. 


Wild playoff hockey games


. I stayed up again too late last night to watch them win against the Blackhawks. It sure would be nice to have a Minnesota sports team finish the season with the trophy. We always get into the playoffs, but never seem to win it all. 


the new job, ry-guy, and Dexter Morgan.


that is supposed to rain again. I just want to have warm sunny days!

excited for 
this weekend! Ry-guy and me are going to our first ever concert together. We're celebrating our four year anniversary with Augustana and going to Annie's Parlour for dinner.  and if you live in MPLS and have never been to Annie's you have to go! They have the best hamburgers, fries, and shakes. oh.m. gee!  nothing too fancy, but we aren't fancy people. 

the birth of their baby in a few weeks.

seeing the niece and nephews over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate his birthday!

hoping for

the willpower to resolve our debt by August. I'm not great, but not terrible at sticking to a budget. I've improved loads, since I first met Ry-guy. If we buckle down for the next few months, we will have paid off everything but our student loans, and the new car we purchased. We don't have too much farther to go. I need to remember the goal/finish line is buying a house. eek!


applesauce and strawberries-but not together.

listening to

a lot of good new country songs. I have another post about the songs that have been on repeat. 

Lucy Hale, Chase Rice, and some of the kiddos from The Voice. 

what have you been obsessing over lately?

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