my last day

(I started writing this yesterday and got a little emotional so I decided to come back to this today)

today I walked into my building for the last time, sat at my desk for the last time.  For now the excitement of being offered a new job has worn off. Now I'm consumed by fears, what if I don't like my new job, what if I don't get along with my new boss, what if I made a step backwards, all the what ifs you can imagine are running through my head. 

and today I suddenly have been overcome by sadness. The fact that I won't see my co-workers who have essentially become my family for the past year and a half. I've laughed so hard I could pee myself so many times with these people, I've cried over heartbreak and loss with these people. I've experienced so many different emotions with these people.  Some know quirks and other things about me that my friends and family don't know. 

I really didnt want to have a shingdig in my honor. It feels weird to me to be at the center of attention. (ry-guy says this is bs.-ha!) If you've met me IRL you might think I'm an extrovert. In all honesty I consider myself an introvert. I don't like to talk to strangers. My wonderful boss insisted that we do something. I chose Pizza Luce ( a great pizza place here in MPLS) and cupcakes from Sweet Retreat.  

my goal for the day was to no cry. I didn't want to cry, because hugs usually come after crying happens. and I'm not into hugs. It was really tough to not cry. I did tear up numerous times when co-workers were saying some pretty nice things about me. Things I don't think about, I just do them since its part of my job.  Several people did ask for hugs, I did give them hugs. The last two I received at the end of the day are when I almost lost it bad. I wasn't expecting to feel such emotion from the hugs. 

this post has no fun photos. I just wanted to make sure to document this for me as I look back on life. 

I start my new job as a Student Services Coordinator this Monday the 21st.  I'm heading to Iowa this weekend to see the cutest niece and nephews for Easter. 

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  1. Changes are SO scary to be honest! I felt the same way when I started this job, but just know it will all work out! Fingers crossed you LOVE it :)

  2. I hated. HATED my first cubicle job... but you better believe I cried on my last day! it's so bizarre going from seeing someone everyday to in my case, living in a completely new city.

    remember of all the people who applied- they said no to everyone else to choose you

  3. sorry for the double comment! commenting is weird on my phone.. ANYWAYS- hope you have a fun Easter and I will send ya some happy thoughts on Monday. :)

  4. New Job anxiety is the worst. You never feel like this new place will live up to the old, or that it's possible to make such great friends as you had at your old job. I hope that like myself, you find yourself wrong (in a good way) and you love your new job as much as the old one!

  5. It's always sad and scary to move out of your comfort zone but you're going to be fantastic and I know your new job is a huge step up!! :)

  6. Congratulations on the new job! And leaving jobs is so hard!!! You can do it!

  7. Hope you are having a good last day!! I've been at my job almost 8 years, so the idea of leaving seems SO scary, so I totally get it. I'm sure you'll love the new job, though!

  8. ahh, that is how I was at my last day at my last job. I told myself not to cry but of course I did not listen. it is really hard leaving a job you feel comfortable in and know the ins and outs of. I hope your first day went great!

  9. How is your first week going? It's only human to go through all those emotions. Don't worry!!!


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