Solid Gold Beef Jerky Dog Treats review

I was so excited when I heard about Solid Gold Northland and doing a review for dog treats. We all know I love my son dog. 

Dexter was in the car the day these treats arrived in the mail. He could instantly tell something yummie was in the package, and boy was he right. I was running errands and left him in the car with the package (silly mistake) I got back into the car and noticed the package and Dexter were on the floor (and not on the seat where I had left them).  I told Dex we would go home so he could try out his new treats. Once we got home and I opened the package he started doing his little "treat dance".  I gave him one just to see how he like it, and he loved it (not that I was surprised). 

I really liked that I read the back of the package and knew what all the ingredients were. Its nice to know what he is eating. I get worried about giving him something that will upset his stomach, or make him sick. I feel really comfortable about giving him Solid Gold Beef Jerky.  Solid Gold also makes Jerky in Turkey and Lamb.

Every morning after Dexter does his "business" he gets a treat. He races up the stairs and sits by the "treat closet". I figured I would see how well he likes these treats. Well he loves them! In the past I would give him a treat before I left and I would come home and the treat would be uneaten. Well since I've started leaving these treats on the floor they are long gone by the time I come home. WIN WIN I say!

(just ignoring my camera)

Dexter isn't the only one enjoying the treats. Cat tested and cat approved!

Special thanks to Solid Gold Northland for sending the treats our way. We look forward to reviewing more products from Solid Gold Northland

I was not compensated in any way for this review. All thoughts on Solid Review are my own.  

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  1. First, how cute is Dex in his green bone collar?? - he and Chip are twinsies!! ;) Second, I've heard so many awesome reviews about Solid Gold - I'm most definitely going to have to try them out on Chip and Javie! :)

  2. Cooper and Grace loves these as well!

  3. haha love that your kitty got in and ate some too

  4. I Love Dexter! What a cutie and your kitty is pretty sweet, too.

  5. thanks SO much for sharing about the treats, jennifer! we appreciate it!
    the pic of dexter with the cat is super cute!

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