move over Luke Bryan

if you've followed this blog for any while now you might have heard I have a wee bit   full blown obsession with Luke Bryan. 
Even though I saw Luke concert two weeks ago and was upgraded to the pit area ( so I could literally reach out and touch him) my love for him is fading. 

Let me tell show you why

this man has taken over my heart and ears

(in case you are still confused, this is Mr. Dierks Bentley) 


If you haven't listened to him-seen him live-watched an interview with him, do yourself a favor and hop on his train. 

I've been lucky enough to see him 7-8 times. I've seen him in a small tiny bar, at the state fair, and most recently last October in a co-headlining tour with Miranda Lambert.  I'm hopin' and a wishin' he comes back to Minneapolis very soon to play songs of the new album. 

 his new album "Riser" is one of my favorite all time albums... not just of his of all TIME! its that damn good. go and get it nowwwww!

my favorite tracks on the album are:

"Pretty Girls"
"Drunk on a Plane"

and my most favorite is 



Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. I will for sure have to check more of his music out.

  2. I don't think anyone will ever take the place of Luke Bryan for me! In fact I just got Luke Bryan tickets yesterday and I'll be going to see my 10th concert in January :)


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