Hi, I have a blog......

so I have a blog, I don't act like I have one but I do. I love blogging. I love the friends I've made through blogging. I don't love the "rut" I've been in as of late. I have numerous drafts waiting for a few more tweaks before I hit publish. I can't seem to get my shit together and just hit post. 

I've been trying to enjoy the Winter, even though its not really a Winter, its like hell but cold. is there a name for that? 50 days with below zero temps doesn't strike my fancy. 

I've been out and about in the cold meeting with friends, seeing my BF (no, not Ry-guy) Luke Bryan, 

making Summer plans. But I can't seem to blog about the fun stuff. 

After work tonight I'll be hitting up the gym to work on my fitness. Its been quite some time since I did this. I have to make sure to keep telling myself that everyone has to start somewhere, so this is my somewhere.

I will be playing on Ry-guy's coed softball team this Summer, and I want to be more in shape for that. (I played fast-pitch softball for 10 years) As just in general be in better shape. I've had some medical stuff that has caused me to gain (wayyyy too much) weight. Most of that junk is over and I can get on with being at a healthy weight, and a more confident weight for me.  Here's hoping. 

Whelp I'm hoping to be back more regularly, with a couple concert reviews, and some big relationship/life news (and no I'm not preggers or engaged), and  hopefully a general life update. 


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  1. I"m right there with ya girl! Trying to get back into it as well. Glad to see you back on my blog roll :)

  2. So jealous you went to Luke Bryan!!

    I've missed your posts. :)


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