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I'm excited to share a book review of My Three Men by: A . Latoya Charlton

The synopsis:
There he was; tall with milky skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Daniel Rodham.  Even voluptuous, audacious, fatshionista Shyanne McKenzie didn’t expect that she would find herself caught up in a love affair at her new job. But this is no ordinary affair she realizes, as her life becomes complicated and twisted when ex-lover Sean Powell and connoisseur, Tyler Morgan, turns it into a ‘love square’.
   Without warning, Shyanne finds herself in a world of power, sex, money, love, tragedy, deceit, betrayal and vengeance. Leaving her quirky, smart-ass ways behind, she steps boldly into her newly discovered sophisticated and adroit self playing the game of love for what it truly is; her bitch.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed reading this book. The book has tons of drama, romance, heartbreak, and goes through all the emotions of friendship. This book took me from the cold Minnesota weather right into the heat of the island. Its been a while since a book really took me into a different place. I felt as if I was really on the island hanging out with Shyanne. This book really turns up the "heat". The main characters Daniel Rodham, Sean Powell, and Tyler Morgan( The Three Men) are all attracted to Shyanne, and she has feelings for all of them. Now here's where you have to start the book... What fun would it be if I told you how it ended or who she ends up with?

now on to the giveaway

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Good Luck!

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