and we took the next step....

just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Friday! We don't have many plans this weekend which is nice. We have been jam packed (yet again) as of late and we need to work on not trying to plan the hell out of our weekends.  Finally the weather seems to have turned the corner (for now) and warmed up. Dexter Morgan is going CRaZZZYYYYYYY, since he hasn't been able to be outside for longer than 2.2 seconds before he freezes.  March is the snowiest month in Minnesota. I'm crossing my fingers for little to no snow this month.  I probably just jinxed myself. 

I had a pretty bad accident about a month ago. A week after I had paid Herbie off. He is finally mine, and then some chick (driving way to fast) rear ended me. So that was tons of fun. Every time I've had an appointment to get him fixed up, its snowed. I didn't want to risk the chance of driving a rental car in the snow. 

last week we also took a huge step in our relationship. We financed a car together! eek! In February we had paid my car off. I was hoping for a little more time without a car payment, but life always seems to work that way, and our other car crapped out on us. I kept saying to Ry-guy "you know we'll have been together for nine years once this loan is paid off". I was (and am) still freaking out that we have a loan together. Even though we have a couple credit cards we both use of each others, and all our utility bills are in both our names. 

The car we ended up with is a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant. We hadn't really had this car in mind, but we fell in love with it. The biggest thing that we were looking for is that Ry-guy fit in the car. Being 6'5 and riding in a car comfortably can be a challenge for him. I really wanted and SUV, but Ry-guy wanted a sedan. I'm very happy he got something he wanted. He is in love with his new little girl. 

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Buying this car means I have to "cool it" with the concert ticket purchases (as per Ry-guy).  I don't have a huge shoe or purse collection. I just love being around live music.   As much as I love live music, we've never been to a concert together. I like mostly country and he is a little more old school rock and roll. after talking about not buying concert tickets for a while, we ended up getting tickets to see Augustana together for our anniversary in May. I am beyond excited to attend a live show with him, and see Augustana again. If you haven't seen them live you are missing out!

on and its daylight savings time this weekend. We lose an hour of sleep! booo hoo! I love that it will be light out later at night, but I take the bus to the city each morning and I hate walking around when its dark out in the morning. oh well, maybe Spring will hurry up and get here!

have a great weekend friends!  

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  1. So sorry to hear about your car but fortunately, no one was hurt in the ordeal.

    That is a big step and yaaay for Ryan getting what he wanted :P

    Augustana? Take me with you...pleeeasseee!!!!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. Sucky about your car :( but yay for having a loan together (the togetherness part not the loan part, no one likes those)!! Very exciting step to take :)


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