"promise me you won't get mad"

Any convo that starts out "promise me you won't get mad", is never going to end well. case in point last Friday-I've been house sitting for the past two weeks and Ry-guy an Dexie had planned to come over and spend the weekend with my sick ass.  I ask Ry-guy to bring our laptop over so I can use that instead of the Nook I've been using for the past few weeks. Well after some discussion about Ry already being packed and ready to go, about to leave our house with Dexter and his overnight bag (yes, he has an overnight bag already packed. #judgeaway) I told him to forget the laptop.  I was kinda peeved but got over it. 

A few hours later we sit down to eat some din din and he starts out the convo with "promise me you won't get mad", after some questions I finally say "okay, I promise you I won't get mad", Ry-guy tells me the laptop is dunzo.

 in so many other words he tells me yadda yadda yadda the laptop yadda dropped and the yadda yadda screen is cracked.

 I FLIP SHIT! I almost went as crazy as Teresa from RYONJ when she flipps the table.


yeah that's me last Friday night. He then tells me "You promised to not get mad

Whelp friends I got real mad, like real, real mad. I dunno why I freaked out so much. We've had the laptop for the past couple years and we needed a new one. RIP my buddy Acer. 

I ordered a new laptop to arrive sometime this week. 

I hope this one doesn't get dropped anytime soon #fingerscrossed !

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  1. Yeah I hate when people preface a convo with that phrase. If you have to say that then it means I'm probably going to get mad.

  2. I also hate 'no offense but..'. YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE GOING TO OFFEND ME.

    sorry about your computer but I'm sure you will forget allllll about it when the new one is in your hands. :)

  3. Jamal always says that to me, usually I get upset anyway.


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