My Current Obsessions



Oh M GEE. Why didn't I get the memo about Sons of Anarchy before now. WHOA! Charlie Hunman is the hottest thing since the sun. I've been binge watching this show with all the time I had off for the holidays. It has not disappointed. Its only getting better. 




I've been told time and time again to read Divergent. I finally decided to jump on the train and WHOA (again) this book is fantastic. I hope the movie (coming out in March) does it justice. 


I haven't had much time or energy to read magazines. Once again they are stacking up nice and high on the coffee table. 


Retirement party for Ry-guy's aunt. 

The Superbowl with my love Eric Decker. #gobroncos Fun fact.  He played his college ball at Minnesota. Holla!


Valentine's weekend with my two best gal pals and their husbands. Oh and meeting Miss Rylee. 

Miss Hailey's 6th Birthday shindig. 


I've been eating a lot (wayy too much) JJ's. The #2 is my jam. I've been house sitting for the past two weeks and I've been terrible about packing my lunch. My morning routine is all thrown off. 



lots and lots of country music. (bigggg shocker, right???)  
oh and some 

Panic at the Disco


Jake Owen


Brandy Clark


Keith Urban

What are you currently obsessing over?

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  1. I just finished Divergent... I thought it was entertaining but it was just okay for me.

  2. I believe divergent is going to be my next book to read! I have heard only awesome things!

  3. Do you ever get the lettuce wraps at JJ's? I crave them now!


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