Christmas 2013 recap

Happy 2014 friends! I haven't been around these parts for a while now. I was sick almost the entire month of December with bronchitis, then Ryan got sick ( and we ladies all know how men get when they are sick) so I had to take care of him.  

We finally celebrated Christmas and my 32nd, birthday was thrown in there five days before Christmas. Ryan was home sick from work that day, so I grabbed some take out and went home to watch some movies with him. Pretty lame compared to previous birthdays I've celebrated, although I wouldn't trade that night with him and Dex for anything. 

back to Christmas the niece and nephews came up from Iowa and they are at the "fun age" ( I think) 3,4, and 8. Everything they say is just so funny. I wonder where they come up with this stuff. I didn't stop laughing any moment they were around. I wanted to share some fun moments from Christmas with you. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a very happy 2014! I'm ready to get back to blogging.

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  1. Welcome back! Looks like a great Chrstmas !

  2. Looks like a fun time! And Dexter looks very handsome in his Christmas sweater! :)

  3. Happy New Year pumpkin!
    Looks like you guys had loads of fun. Hope both you and Ry are well soon.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  4. Love Dexters sweater, and it looks like the kids had fun!!


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