what makes me happy

Things have been really busy at work, and in life we are booked solid on the weekends. It doesn't leave a lot of me time. Which doesn't make me the nicest person to be around. Just ask poor Ry-guy. I've been lucky enough to spend my weekends with some awesome people, and attending several Gopher football games. 

 Often times we forget how lucky we have things in life. 

if you didn't already know these two cuties would be at the top of the list you haven't been around this blog very long. 


I often find myself wondering how we manged to spend a year away from family, while living in Missoura.  My mom is my rock and I'm so glad I manged to make my way back home to be with her, especially after she was diagnosed with cancer. 

country music/concerts

I'm lucky to have the money to attend concerts. Concerts are my "happy place", I wish they didn't cost so much money to bring me there but I'll deal.  I enjoy the time with my friends and the live music part is my favorite. 
my herbie

I love being able to have the freedom to get in my car and drive wherever I want to go. If I want to hit up the library or drive three hours away to see a friend.  being in the car just relaxes me. I can turn on the country radio and drive.

my health

as of late I've come down with some nasty bronchitis thingie. It sucks all the life out of me. However, I am lucky that this will pass (eventually) and I will return to normally schedule programming. errr I mean normal health soon. very soon.  When my mama had her second bout with cancer this Summer, I thought about how lucky I am to be healthy.  


as silly as it might sound, books bring me happiness. I get so excited when I hit up the library and see new books.  or when one of my favorite authors announces they will  have a new book releasing soon.


the excitement of a  new year. I am super excited to give 2014 a try. Its cliche when people talk about how great a new year feels, but its true. The chance to change things you've been wanting to change for days, months or even years.  The adventures that a new year can bring.  

Bring on 2014!

What makes you happy?

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Christmas Card 2013

After many failed attempts at a Christmas card, I finally settled on this one.  


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oh hayyyy, yeah I still have this thing called a blog. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. for now I leave you with this. The.story.of.my.life. 

See you tomorrow with our Christmas card! eek!

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