the best feelings in the world

the way my eyebrows look after I first get them waxed

returning the Redbox and only having to pay $1.00

the smell of Dexter after he's had a bath

the excitement of planning a vacation

the way my car looks after its been washed and vacuumed

a cold drink of water on a hot day

when my favorite TV show comes back in the Fall

buying a new CD you've been waiting months for

receiving snail mail

when I first come home and see my boys waiting for me after a long day

how Dexter sleeps after a fun day at the dog park

the anticipation of waiting for the first song of a concert to start

the feeling of an entire stadium of fans has when their team wins the big game

opening a new lip gloss

the way a new bra feels

Sunday morning snuggles with my boys

a fresh mani and pedi

when you receive good news

the excitement of opening a package 

leaving the movie theater after seeing a really good film

spending time with family

the first day you start to feel better after being sick forever

finding your new favorite pen

the promise of a new year

a clean house

seat warmers on a cold day

living in a free world

having you hair colored and styled

having extra cash to send to your favorite charity

reading a great book

choosing to be happy

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  1. I cannot get over his cuteness! I want a dog so bad, so I live through all my blog friends with cute pups :)

  2. Okay, so I know this was not the point of your post, but how cute is Dexter in the bath?!

  3. I have to agree with a ton of things on this list!!!

  4. Such happy feelings :) I am trying to pick a fave...I think i'll go with my boys waiting to see me when I get home after a long week!


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