5 on Friday

1.) I just got off the phone with the Macy's furniture departments and ordered our new KING BED. I can't even begin to tell you how pumped we are about this purchase. It is one of the two we will be buying for our Christmas gifts.  We are currently shackin up in a full size bed.  You see that doesn't work with a 6'5 330lb man, a 14 lb monster who takes up more room than Ry guy does and me. If you add all that up it doesn't work. We had a lovely king bed we left at the house in Missoura for Ry-guys Papa.  We also didn't want the added expense of renting a moving truck to get it back. So we've suffered managed for the past year. 

2.) This weekend I get to cross another concert off the "concert bucket list".  I will be going to see Mr. Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and Danielle Bradbery. She came out during the Blake Shelton concert for one song. I can't wait to see more of her. 

3.)  We're going bowling this weekend.  If I hadn't just bought the king size bed I would tell you I couldn't be more pumped.  I love bowling!  oh and we're going with Meg and Mr. C, so that makes me more excited.

4.)  My Golden Gopher football team doesn't get to play this weekend. They will be resting up to beat 
Bucky and the Wisconsin Badgers next weekend for Paul Bunyan's Axe.  There was a tweet that went out last week talking about College Game Day coming to Minneapolis for this. If this happened I would be OVER THE MOON, PEE MY PANTS excited. #CollegegamedaytoMN  I could cross something else off the bucket list. eek!

5.) We decided last week we're hosting Turkey day at our place. #whatwerewethinking
 More on this later. 

TGIF lovers!

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Soooo jealous of your king size bed!

    And good luck with Thanksgiving! :)

  2. You NEED that king size bed! I can't imagine sleeping in a full size bed with my hubby, who is also XX Tall - 6'7". Go Gophers!!

  3. Turkey Day sounds fun!

    There wasn't enough space with R and I in the bed and he's only 6'1 so I know your plight. Way to go on that purchase.

    ...and this weekend is a lazy one.


  4. Yay for a king size bed!! We were in a full size for 3 years before we invested....now we could never go back after sleeping in a king! And you are so brave for hosting Thanksgiving! Good luck.

  5. That king size bed will sure be nice!! I always tell Jamal I only want a queen so I can snuggle by him but now with Colby J he may get his wish.


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