weekly highlights

I bought Dexter two Halloween costumes this week. I can't wait to see his cute face in them. Ry-guy is less than thrilled we bought not one, but two costumes.

Here are a couple hints at what they are:

Wednesday night had some girl time with Mrs. C.  We got our nails did, and enjoyed some delicious Lion's Tap burgers. If you live in Minny you know how ahhhmayzing the burgers are.

heading to see Capital Phillips tonight with Meg, and Ry-guy or Ryan #2 as we call him. Mr C. is also named Ryan and he choose to be Ryan #1. This makes it easier when we all get together so we don't get confused. 

spend too much money on those damn groupon type thingies this week. #1 is for doggy day care for Dex. it will be good for him to get out of the house once Winter shows up in Minnesnowta. Guess it could snow/flurry this weekend or early next weekend. boo!

the second one is for bowling and pizza the Carty's went halfiese with us on this one. $15 buckaroos for an two hours of bowling, shoe rental, and an xl pizza. score!

and my beloved Redsox are now up 3-2 over the Tigers, and are only one game away from heading to the World Series. Holla! (side note. do people even say that anymore? )

Hoping they can pull out the win on Saturday night.

over and out folks. 


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  1. I love bowling! I want to be on a team. We used to go all the time! I'm loving the costume hints!

  2. Can't wait to see the costumes! Dogs in costumes are THE BEST :)

  3. haha woohoo - looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned and to Dex's cute little face in his outfits

  4. We are going to the Lions Tap tonight for dinner! So funny!

  5. Can't wait to see Dexter in his costumes!

  6. It must be universal. I LOVE putting the dog in Halloween costumes, but the boyfriend just shakes his head.


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