get it? funny play on jack-o-lantern. yeah its stupid, but without further ado...

my inspiration

now only if Ry-guy would get into the Halloween spirit

Happy Halloween friends!

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ghosts of Halloween past

In honor of Halloween tomorrow I thought I would look back at past costumes. 

First off, I love, love, love Halloween decorating.  However, I do not like to dress up in costume. 

I noticed my "go to" costume is a baseball player. 

**side note** Let's hope the Boston RedSox win the World Series tonight!

Some of you Minnesota Bloggers might notice that cutie to my left. That is Britni from Britni's Beginnings.

A few years back I died my hair right before Halloween. I had wanted to be Marilyn Monroe but wasn't about to buy a wig. Those things are so damn itchy!

My favorite part of Halloween is finding a costume for Dexter Morgan. Come back tomorrow to see his costumes of past Halloweens. 

I won't be doing anything for Halloween this year. boo! maybe next year I can convince Ry-guy into doing something as a couple. 

What are you dressing up as this year? 

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My Current Obsessions





The Minnesota Timber-wolves open their season tomorrow tonight. I love basketball. NBA or college, doesn't matter to me!

Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and Danielle Bradbery concert.

The Gophers vs. Wisconsin border battle in a couple weekends. Still riding the high of the victory on Saturday over Nebraska. 


I'm loving the fact that I can read my magazines on my NOOK.  

(note, all images taken from Google)

what are you obsessing over?
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53 years

is how long its been since the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team beat the Nebraska Corn Huskers. Whelp, this weekend we BEAT THEM!
It was and will always be epic

fans rushing the field after this HUGE win

and we may have found a Christmas card contender
How did your team do this weekend? 

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this weekend I.....

I didn't get to see Captain Phillips with Meg. boo! I ended up not feeling 100% so I had to cancel. 

watched  42 and Iron Man 3

started and finished season 4 of The Vampire Diaries 

enjoyed a Golden Gopher Football victory against Northwestern




celebrated the Red Sox heading to the World Series

and the best news of the weekend....
I beat Ry-guy at Fantasy Football. woot!

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    • Joe Buck Yourself
    • (4-3)
    • 118.10
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    • Vinegar Strokes
    • (2-5)
    • 94.90

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weekly highlights

I bought Dexter two Halloween costumes this week. I can't wait to see his cute face in them. Ry-guy is less than thrilled we bought not one, but two costumes.

Here are a couple hints at what they are:

Wednesday night had some girl time with Mrs. C.  We got our nails did, and enjoyed some delicious Lion's Tap burgers. If you live in Minny you know how ahhhmayzing the burgers are.

heading to see Capital Phillips tonight with Meg, and Ry-guy or Ryan #2 as we call him. Mr C. is also named Ryan and he choose to be Ryan #1. This makes it easier when we all get together so we don't get confused. 

spend too much money on those damn groupon type thingies this week. #1 is for doggy day care for Dex. it will be good for him to get out of the house once Winter shows up in Minnesnowta. Guess it could snow/flurry this weekend or early next weekend. boo!

the second one is for bowling and pizza the Carty's went halfiese with us on this one. $15 buckaroos for an two hours of bowling, shoe rental, and an xl pizza. score!

and my beloved Redsox are now up 3-2 over the Tigers, and are only one game away from heading to the World Series. Holla! (side note. do people even say that anymore? )

Hoping they can pull out the win on Saturday night.

over and out folks. 


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this weekend I....

rocked out to Dierks Bentley

was bored to tears by Miranda Lambert (more on that in another post)

spent lots of QT with the best gal pal and Miss Christina

shopped till we dropped at MOA

bought my first pair (ever) of leggings and these beauties

met up with some bloggers

caught up on some Fall TV shows 

slept away my Sunday afternoon

what did you do this weekend?
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what I've been doing (since I've not been blogging)

I sorta fell off the blogging train as of late. I've also notice a lot of my favorite bloggers not ridding the train.

Maybe there is something in the water, or life got in the way. I don't have an excuse and don't really feel that bloggers need to tell you why/when they won't be bloggging. 

so onward we go. I've had some fun adventures that I haven't had a chance to blog about so here goes.

hit up the Blake Shelton concert with Miss Christina

laughed until we cried at the 55th birthday celebration for the Brave New Workshop

attended my first Gopher football game of the year

some adventures need full posts, which I'm working on re-capping. 

Happy Hump Day!

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