Ten Times Crazier

If you aren't over my concert escapades this year you might be after tonight. Tonight I'll be at Blake Shelton's Ten Times Crazier Tour with Eastin Corbin and Jana Kramer.

I've never seen any of these artist perform live before and to say I'm excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

If you follow me on Insta @ dextermorgansmama get prepared to see A LOT of  Blake!

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Tomorrow I'll be back with a full recap.

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  1. gah! so jealous! i love Blake!

  2. have a fantastic time!

    best concert I've ever been too... Green Day for sure! Followed by Fall Out Boy.

  3. Best concert I've ever been to was definitely Kenny Chesney... on the beach in Panama City for a few hundred people. It will forever be my favorite show! <3

  4. Ahhh so much fun!! Hope you have a great time!

  5. I am so insanely jealous right now! I saw Blake on his tour in January 2011 in La Crosse and Easton Corbin was one of his openers then too. Blake's shows are so much fun!

  6. Jana Kramer was on One Tree Hill. I love her. How was she?

  7. THey will be here at the end of Sept!

  8. Ahhhh jealous! I've never seen a live concert...well that wasn't local.



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