thoughts on thursday

one week from today Golden Gopher football season starts. and as my cats get when its dinner time. eek!

when riding public transportation please refrain from doing drug deals. I understand what its like to work hard for my money, but seriously the business transactions on the bus must stop. 

all the Minnesotans bitching about the cooler weather we had the last few weeks can suck it. I much prefer cool weather to sweating (like a whore in church) while shopping at the farmers market on campus with my boss. #readyforfall

american horror story might be the best show I've watched in a long time. even though I get scared outta my mind (like trying to say candyman, candyman, candyman-into the mirror in 9th grade. I only got two candymans out before I almost peed my pants) I'm loving it. its a perfect lunch activity to hide from the unbearable heat and humidity we have this week. 

last night at the dentist office I saw a recipe in Good Housekeeping and I had to write it down. I have officially become old. I can't wait to make it this week.

we're still eating at home on night 10 out of 11. I can't even contain my excitement with the money we've saved.

tuesday night mrs meg and I met up with the lovely mn blogger gals.

 we had a great time as usual. some new faces joined us, as well as old favorites.  I'm so thankful for the wonderful friendships I've formed through blogging. 

for any mn vikings fans out there, this sums up the pre season. dex is already depressed. #seasonsover

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  1. I agree about the cooler weather! I am soooo over sweating for no reason! I'm already disgusted at the thought of sweating all day at the Fair Monday. Ick!

    I'm so glad we got to chat a bit on Tues!

  2. bahahaha the viking season's comment :) poor sad dex.

    blogger meetups are the bomb.com - can't believe how many cool cats i've met thru blogging.

    1. I was bummed to have missed the blogger HH! Next time!

  3. So fun seeing you at HH. And yes I am ready for the cool weather, as much I have wanted the hot summer nights I am kinda over it after the past couple days.

  4. Did the new season of AHS start? I agree, so good, but scares the crap out of me!

  5. It was fun to see you from waaaaaay across the table the other night! :)


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