this weekend I....

enjoyed the movie Lee Daniel's The Butler. 

spent lots of time inside staying out of the ass blasting heat.

hit up a game night with some great friends.  

Dexter enjoyed time with his Grandma.

 I started a new book.

mentally prepared for our fantasy football draft.

ate some great tots and burger from Tavern 4 & 5.

what did you do this weekend?

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-06at13525PM_zps68cc99b9.png


  1. I'm dying to see that movie! Glad you enjoyed it :)

    I saw "Jobs" ... It was really good. Makes me want to come up with something.

  2. I am going to have to check out that restaurant, looks good

  3. I heard The Butler was REALLY good. Did you like?


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