the most wonderful time of the year. vol 2....

and no its not Christmastime

I think I've told you about how growing up I wanted to be a Sportscaster on ESPN. I wanted to be Erin Andrews before there was an Erin Andrews.  anywho I have a huge love  obsession with sports, even NASCAR. Stop judging right now. unless you are sitting there thinking OMG we have ANOTHER thing in common.onward.

A lot of people hate the end of the Summer, not this girl. I get rather excited when I see "Back to School" garb at Target. This means the start of the most wonderful time of the year. College Football season. Now, I know I've already lost some of you by talking about sports, sorry 'bout that. 

in a few short week from now my favorite (only) hometown team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers start their football season. woot! Now anyone reading this from Minnesota might ponder why the hell I still cheer for the Gophers. (for you out of staters, they suck, and lose a lot) but every year I think this could be the year they make it back to the Rose Bowl. WTF is the Rose Bowl, you ask? yet another blog.

If you've been around these parts for a while now, you might recognize that post up there.  I'm linking up today with some fabulous bloggers who love sports, Erin, and Sarah.  Its nice to know other gals out there have such excitement for sports.  

Love, Fun & Fotball

Venus Trapped in Mars

Ry-guy always tells me he thinks I will have a heart attach watching Gopher football. I cheer louder for those damn Gophers than anyone we I know.  Its nice to share the love for the same team.  Growing up we both we're huge Gopher fans, and it brought us together as a couple to share in this love for the Gophers. Oh yeah, and they pay my salary. its a win, win for our household.  

BTW before Dexter Morgan was Dexter Morgan, he was going to be Goldy Gopher.  Since Dexter fit him like a glove (if it doesn't fit, you must acquit) his full name is Dexter Goldy Gopher Morgan Mortensen, whew what a mouthful.  

Once Saturdays roll around in the Fall, you will find me in front of the TV in the early morning watching College Game Day.  When I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs, gasping for air  cheering for the Gophers, I enjoy watching the Georgia, 'Bama, USC, and Boise State games.

Who do you cheer for?

 Oh and don't ask me about the NFL, I can't standdddddd NFL football. 

TGIF friends!

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  1. You and me both with the heart attacks. I just get SO WORKED UP. Then when they make idiotic play calls, or throw interceptions, or fumble.... I WANT TO KILL THEM! But it is going to end up killing me, instead!

  2. Goooo Sports?! haha jk. Go Bears.

    I cannot wait for fall - favorite season!

  3. I love it!!! I have recently gotten into Nascar after YEARS of hating! It's not so bad!

  4. Stopping in from the link up.
    I'm a GA Bulldawg girl! I like the NFL & have my favorites there but college is better in a lot of ways!

    Oh & Hells yes for NASCAR! No judging here. Life long fan. Even though I don't keep up with it as well anymore, I still keep up. & Dale Jr is my guy...and maybe Kasey Kahne. ;-)

  5. though i went to Duluth for my undergrad... and now Mankato for my masters... there is nothing quite like a gopher football game.

    hope you made it to the bank a few times this fall!!

  6. Wait wait wait... I think I've found my blog soul-mate! Obsessed with sports, loves college football, country music, and the Red Sox?! Yes, yes, yes and YES! Those things basically sum up my life right there! New follower indeed :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  7. Haha R said that were probably a Gopher's fan and he was right! I'll have to let him know.

    I'm all about the Hurricanes and Seminoles...but only for Sebastian and Chief Osceola and Renegade! They are the real stars! ;)


  8. That's so funny that you can't stand NFl Football, cause I love it and don't care for college ball at all. Oh well. To each their own.


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