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Happy 4th Birthday Dexter Morgan!

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Dex was born July 2, 2009 in Northfield, Minnesota. I saw him online and fell in love with him instantly. 

A few days later I was off to make this little boy mine. I was in the middle of a break up.  This little boy helped me through that break-up, kept me company in the cold Winter months, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with me. 

Then a few short months later, a super tall man came into our life.  Who knew this man , who wasn't really all about small dogs (dogs under 20lbs) would become the best Papa a pup could ask for. 

I never thought I would be that person that brings their dog with them all the time, but I am. I make sure we can bring Dexter with us before going on a vacation, even if its just for the weekend. I hate leaving him with someone else. and I'm pretty sure he hates it.  This dog is more than a dog to me, he is my life. 
things I like

car rides-water-slushies
being a daredevil-treats-the dog park
eating dinner-big bones
ice cream-being a bedhog-snow

Other things (not pictured) Dexter enjoys are:
-the lawnmower
-chasing rabbits
-french fries
-"pretending to" bury his bone
-cat food

things I really dislike

 pinterest project fails- pool time
bath time-umbrellas
the vet-wearing costumes for holidays-the kennel (which we haven't used since he was 9 months old)

Other things (not pictured) he doesn't like:
-not being around mama or papa all day
-the vaccum
-the bug zapper
-the nail clippers
-mama or papa leaving and not taking him with
-another person/pet receiving attention 
-getting my teeth touched

Mama and Dex

Papa and Dex
(and a few family shots)

Dex thanks for always being up for whatever adventures I insist you join. I've had other dogs growing up, but none as wonderful as you. Most days I'd rather stay home with you, than hang out with humans.

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  1. aw this is so sweet made me tear up. i cant wait to celebrate scoobs' first holiday season!

  2. dogs can totally get you thru the worst days, and make your best days better! I love little Dex!!

  3. Such a sweet post! Happy happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Dexter! Presents await you this weekend!

  5. Saying hello from the Tall Tails link-up! Your furbaby is sooo precious! Happy birthday to the sweet pup! Our pup's birthday is actually tomorrow, so we can't wait to celebrate :). Excited to have found you! Now following through GFC :)


  6. Awww Happy Birthday Dex! I feel in love with him from the first day I visited your blog. Aren't pups just the best? I can't wait to meet that handsome fella in person!

    Have a great week hun!


  7. I love his name!!! and Dexter looks like a cutie...my dream dog...a yorkie, right? here from the link up :)


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