sometimes a girl needs her best gal pals

and this week I've needed them than more than ever. 

You know those people who get you. the people who don't need to talk nonstop. the people you can sit in your pajamies in with black mascara running down your face, and they tell you you're pretty. Those friends!

thankfully blogging has brought me to of those people. and I get to spend all weekend long with them. 
Katie & Meg

Thank you ladies for being so wonderful. I've enjoyed every minute of our friendship. Now we just have to make up for the time we didn't know each other. 

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  1. awww you have such a pretty smile girl! I am SO incredibly thankful for blog friends too, it's amazing how much you grow to love them!

    1. Blogging is a beautiful thing - isn't it? I love the friendships I've made through it as well!

    2. Awww that's awesome. I hope to meet you someday IRL. I am in need of some new girlfriends and I am so glad I've met some awesome friendships through blogging already and I only hope to deepen those friendships too!

  2. Awww I know exactly what you mean. You need those fabulous few that you can call on at any time and they will be there regardless of the situation. So glad you've found yours ;)

    Hope all is well.



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