thoughts on Thursday-Dog Edition

Slow news day around these parts.  I figured everyone can always use a laugh.  So ya go... Thoughts on Thursday from the Dog.

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this is becoming a habit

sharing my weekend fun on a Tuesday.
Enjoyed a great GNO with Meg, and Katie.  I didn't stop laughing all night. First, we hit up Redstone for some patio action. 

After stuffing our faces we went over to the mall.  we tried on ridiculous hats, looked at things wayyyy out of our price rang, and wished they made these in older girls sizes. ok. I'm kidding about the last part. 

showed Katie around dt. Mpls for some drankin, fun and, culture shock.  From there we hit up Kenny Chensey at Target Field. Concert was decent. Not my favorite Kenny concert I've been to, but worth the $40 bucks we paid for our seats. 

we met the Pope!

Listened to the Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20 play some of our old (and new) favorites

spent a lot of QT with Dexter Morgan

and she's back again this weekend for the NKOTB, Boyz II Men, and 98 Degrees concert. woot!

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hott men and a pretty lady

this  weekend is the Summer weekend I've wait for all year long.  Back to back concerts and The Color Run. I might not be around on Monday, and you'll know why. I've died from color chalk. eek! Or I ran off and married Rob Thomas, or the lead singer of the Eli Young Band, or maybe Kenny.

Kenny Chesney-Eli Young Band
Rob Thomas- Zac Brown Band
Goo Goo Dolls
Matchbox 20

peace out girl scout!

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sometimes a girl needs her best gal pals

and this week I've needed them than more than ever. 

You know those people who get you. the people who don't need to talk nonstop. the people you can sit in your pajamies in with black mascara running down your face, and they tell you you're pretty. Those friends!

thankfully blogging has brought me to of those people. and I get to spend all weekend long with them. 
Katie & Meg

Thank you ladies for being so wonderful. I've enjoyed every minute of our friendship. Now we just have to make up for the time we didn't know each other. 

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this weekend I...

(Yes, I'm recapping my weekend on a Tuesday) don't judge.

Saw The Heat, and loved it!

went to fireworks with Meg and Mr. C

spent some QT with the bestie in Wisconsin


played some Wii

ate too many hamburgers, cupcakes, and turkey dogs

spent time with my boys

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tall tails Vol. 1

Happy 4th Birthday Dexter Morgan!

Linking up for the first Tall Tails post.

Tall Tails Link Up

Dex was born July 2, 2009 in Northfield, Minnesota. I saw him online and fell in love with him instantly. 

A few days later I was off to make this little boy mine. I was in the middle of a break up.  This little boy helped me through that break-up, kept me company in the cold Winter months, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with me. 

Then a few short months later, a super tall man came into our life.  Who knew this man , who wasn't really all about small dogs (dogs under 20lbs) would become the best Papa a pup could ask for. 

I never thought I would be that person that brings their dog with them all the time, but I am. I make sure we can bring Dexter with us before going on a vacation, even if its just for the weekend. I hate leaving him with someone else. and I'm pretty sure he hates it.  This dog is more than a dog to me, he is my life. 
things I like

car rides-water-slushies
being a daredevil-treats-the dog park
eating dinner-big bones
ice cream-being a bedhog-snow

Other things (not pictured) Dexter enjoys are:
-the lawnmower
-chasing rabbits
-french fries
-"pretending to" bury his bone
-cat food

things I really dislike

 pinterest project fails- pool time
bath time-umbrellas
the vet-wearing costumes for holidays-the kennel (which we haven't used since he was 9 months old)

Other things (not pictured) he doesn't like:
-not being around mama or papa all day
-the vaccum
-the bug zapper
-the nail clippers
-mama or papa leaving and not taking him with
-another person/pet receiving attention 
-getting my teeth touched

Mama and Dex

Papa and Dex
(and a few family shots)

Dex thanks for always being up for whatever adventures I insist you join. I've had other dogs growing up, but none as wonderful as you. Most days I'd rather stay home with you, than hang out with humans.

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this weekend I....

gave Ry-guy another (early) birthday gift. a play-station 3

ate mini donuts for dinner, and washed them down with Coors Light

hit up Target Field for our first 30th birthday party of the weekend
Ry's bestie Mike was the guest of honor. Sadly, I didn't take one photo of him the whole night. #bloggerfail  After all, he's half the reason we're together.

rearranged our living room

met up with some bloggers friends for Lo's dirty thirty celebration

laughed until I almost peed my pants cried several times with Meg and the Ryan's

grocery shopped at Ry's Grandma Ellie house. we received tons of rhubarb, fresh baked bread, apple butter, canned tomatoes, green beans, and pears. YUM-O!

another great weekend in the city!

my boys were some tired guys come Sunday

Next weekend, we're off to visit Katie, Brent, and the pups

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