this weekend I...

we celebrated Stacy's graduation from college, at the Butcher and the Boar. it doesn't get much better than a  beer garden/patio and a Minneapolis Summer night. ahhh!

Ry-guy received his puppy daddy/early 30th birthday gift and we did some cookin'.

hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchased some new cooking utensils to go with the new pots and pans.

received my Target beauty box. (some of you had asked how I received this, a while back Target had some info about it through the Target Facebook page. I paid five dollars and several weeks later I received this.)

watched Django Unchaned, and love it!

finished seasons 6 and 7 of Army Wives. loving the new cast additions. can't wait for the next season.

oh and him. loving him!

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  1. Looks like a fun night out. I love that dress on you!

  2. oo fun weekend! can't wait to hear about the butcher & the boar, i've heard good things.

    my target box came too - just have to pick it up at the apt. office. can't wait to see what's inside :)

  3. Those curves! BAM! You look amazeballs!

    DJango was hilarious...and him? Oooo girl I'm loving him too!


    1. I LOVE that dress on you - such a beautiful color on you! :)

      Ooh, what a nice gift for Ry-Guy!!

  4. Sounds like fun! I love your dress too. I've been wanting to go to The Butcher and the Boar!

  5. Oooh Butcher and the Boar! I want to go there so bad! I had their food truck at Rock the Garden, but I need to try the restaurant now! Oh and So jealous of the beauty box!

  6. That dress and color on you is super pretty! I love it!. Got the Target box too, I thought it was pretty great. Django was sooo good. I love Christoph Waltz's character.


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