my current obsessions

I haven't posted some of my favorites for a while. Changing things up a little with My Current Obsessions. so here goes....

this song has me all sorts of obsessed. I listen to it on the way to work and, on the bus ride home. I can't wait for her album.

Wasting All These Tears by Cassadee Pope on Grooveshark

I'm aniticpating the Blake Shelton concert in September.  He's bringing along Jana Kramer, and Easton Corbin. fun fact: his album is thebomb.com.  I just started listening to his new cd. when I'm not listening to Cassadee Pope. 

I've been watching LBTV  (lLuke Bryan TV) to keep me company over lunch.  new episodes every Thursday.

and his new album will drop in August. OH M GEE am I excited for that. Hoping he will tour, and stop in Minneapolis. I've seen him several times, but his show is amazing!


We haven't been out to see any of the big Summer blockbusters. Which is sucky. yes-sucky. We're hoping to hit up a movie in between two 30th birthday extravaganzas. one for Ry-guy's BFF at a Minnesota Twins game tomorrow night. The other for Lo.  Excited to hang out with some Minnesota Bloggers again. and this gal.

This new liquid lip balm from Almay is amazeballs. I had some coupies for $4.00 off an almay product, and these babies were $4.99 ( Target) $.99 per tube made my day. 

I've not been able to turn down a grilled cheese sandwich lately. and I found this cheese which is great on a grilled cheese. 

I've been a book worm as of late. I recently finished Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews. I love, love, love it. more in depth review coming soon. 

I just started Waiting to be Heard, by Amanda Knox

What are some of your recent obsessions?

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  1. Blake Shelton is pretty neat stuff in my books!

    I'm obsessed with the beach haha but what island girl ain't huh?


  2. I am going to see Blake in July! CANNOT WAIT!

  3. I just got a few new books at the library. All things I hadn't heard of before, so hopefully they are entertaining.

  4. Blake and Luke. those are my biggest obsessions!

    1. See you Saturday at Lo's party :)

    2. I am going to have to try that lip balm... Looks awesome!

  5. I got that Almay lipgloss as a Klout perk not too long ago - LOVE it! Now I need more colors. And girl you know I already have a dang countdown on my phone for the LB cd! CANNOT WAIT!

  6. I'm going to see Luke next week and can't wait!!! And I can't wait to hear your review for that book, it's on my "hold" list at the library.

  7. OMG, I'm obsessed with that Cassadee Pope song too!! And since it seems we have the same taste in music, I'm going to need to check out Blake's new CD. It's been YEARS since I've bought an actual CD, lol...but I kind of miss going to Target, and coming back with a bunch of new CD's, DVD's, and other goodies. :)


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