Movie Review Monday

We've really been trying to save money for all of our Summer adventures, and to buy a house. This has put a limit on our fun. So we've been doing what we do best, watching movies. Ry-guy was nice enough to help me out again with the reviews. 

Pitch Perfect

I love, love, love this movie. If you haven't seen it go and rent it now. Also, buy the soundtrack to the film. Hilarious movie about a college singing club. The mash-ups are unbelievable  I can't wait till 2015 when Pitch Perfect 2 comes out.  A

Surprisingly funny.  Brittany Snow is hot.  A-

Here Comes the Boom

I really enjoyed this movie. I enjoy anything with Kevin James. I think Ry-guy kinda looks like him. (he doesn't see it) It was cute story about a teacher trying to raise money to keep after school activities going at his school. B+

Surprisingly funny.  Salma Hayek is hot.  B

Alex Cross

I thought Tyler Perry did a great job in something other than a Madea film. I think he is very talented. He needs to get out of playing Madea.  Matthew Fox is no longer the cute older brother on Party of Five. He play the serial killer in this film so well. I can't wait for another Alex Cross movie.  B+

Only Tyler Perry movie I have ever seen where I didn't want to go into the film and kick him in the scrotum.   Mathew Fox is a fantastic villain.  Any film based on a James Patterson book is probably a good bet.  B+

10 Years

I had high hopes for this film.  Decent cast and Channing.  This movie sucked so bad. I wanted to turn this off after about 20 minutes. D

A decent film about things that were left unsaid in High School.  That guy/girl you didn't tell how you really feel.  Friends you may have grown apart from.  Or coming to the realization that although you are married and have children you may have never really grown up.  Channing Tatum is hot.  B-

Trouble with the Curve

This movie was just okay for me. I didn't love it, didn't hate it. I do love Justin Timberlake as an actor. Amy Adams is a great actress, she was a a bright spot in this film about baseball and the bond between fathers and daughters.  C

At this point Clint Eastwood could take a dump in a paper bag it would be fantastic.  Really like this movie.  Story about a difficult relationship between a curmudgeon of a father with his daughter.  This film has a lot of heart.  Justin Timberlake is a far better actor than I would have expected.  A-


I wanted to like this film, but I didn't. Denzel Washington is great in this movie. The story line just drags on forever. It doesn't like it will ever end. This movie was way too long and should have been stopped abour an  hour and 45 mintues into the film. John Goodman was hilarious, but that's all I've got. C-

Denzel is fantastic in this.  He plays a character that really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, who is thrust into the limelight after brilliantly saving hundreds of people from a plane crash.  The character he plays is so cancerous that a heroin addict decides that she is better off disassociating herself with him.  I really recommend this film.  It is an incredibly unlikable character but Denzel plays him so well.  A  


Ben Affleck can do no wrong ( in my eyes). This movie was no exception. I hadn't heard much about the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  This movie just blew me out of the water. It was done so well. Since seeing the movie I've been doing a lot of researching about this event in our history. Last week I received the book (that the film is based on) from the library. I can't wait to start reading it. A++++++

Ben Affleck is a much better director than he is an actor.  This movie was quite enjoyable and compelling.  A little Hollywood at times, but the suspense was fantastic. Probably the best movie we have seen in quite some time.  A

What movies have you seen lately?

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  1. We loved Here comes the Boom. And thanks for the info on 10 years. We always go back and forth on it.

  2. Here comes the boom, alex cross, pitch perfect, argo and trouble with the curve I liked. Flight was ok and I keep meaning to watch 10 years but I've heard bad things about it.

  3. I love all the Alex Cross books, but I haven't loved the movies so far. I haven't seen this one yet though. I also really wanted to see Trouble with the Curve.

  4. even with channing in 10 years, i also thought this was terrible!


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