Minnesota Bloggers @ See's Candies

Last week a bunch of us Minnesota Bloggers gathered at See's Candy Store in Southdale Mall.  Kelly and Carolyn received an awesome invite for us to have a private chocolate party.  The event did not disappoint.  

We walked in greeted by the cutest ladies serving us chocolate. 


 At one point I made my way up to the counter and was asked if there was anything I wanted to try. There was too many choices for this gal.  Next time you hit up See's Candy don't forget your free sample. 

 The store was closed just for our group event.  We learned some history about See's Candy. 

Later we received some awesome grab bags. Ry-guy was nice enough to go with me, so we received double the chocolate. 

All of which went to work with me on 
Friday.  My co-workers were in heaven. 

Britt, Me and Meg

Meg and I attempting to make the chocolates like they do at the See's Candy factory. My box was a hott mess. 

Group Shot

Back Row: Carolyn   Zhenya   Becky   Katie   Lauren   Jenn   Leah   Jenn
Middle Row: Kelly   Sarah   Melissa   Dawn's Adorable Daughters   Brittany   Andrea
Bottom Row: Meg   Jenn   Melissa   Dawn
Not shown: Lindsey

Special thanks to See's Candy for this opportunity. Also, Kelly and Carolyn for coordinating this event and taking some great photos.

If you haven't tried See's Candy you must!

What's your favorite chocolate candy?

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  1. You were brilliant bringing Ryan and getting double the goodies :)

  2. i'm seriously, you Minnesota bloggers have the most fun.

    ha, i'm sure your hot mess tasted delicious!

  3. Yay! What a fun recap! I am so jealous of this one- I hate that I've missed all the best activities!

  4. too fun! :) cute pics, and glad you talked me into trying to chocolate packing thing.

  5. So fun!! And yay for double the chocolate! :) They did the same event here in SA last year I think and I totally missed it. Boo!

  6. OMG, this sounds like Heaven!!! I loves me some chocolate! I think they would have had to drag me out of the store, lol. We have See's here too, but they make you buy something before they give you a sample now.

  7. youre so lucky you got TWO bags! :P

  8. This is so awesome! I just stumbled on your blog today and I am already a big fan!
    I was instantly attracted to your blog because I am from Minneapolis! I am currently living in Indiana, but I cannot wait to return to Minneapolis.
    I can't wait to get to know you and your blog! (and to get super home sick)


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