Friday Favorites!

watching The Baby Sitter Club on Netflix... while stuffing my face over lunch.

and this article. OH M GEE is this a where are they now article.

I finally figured out how to put most of my Itunes onto my Galaxy.  If you have Itunes, and Google you should add your library to Google Play. You will have you music with you anywhere, whenever you sign into Google. Score!

I can't wait for

(photo from last year in Missouri)

I get to spend both nights this weekend with Ry-guy out in my favorite city. woot! Two people are turning the Dirty Thirty.  One is at Target Field. holla!

After searching high and low, I found these cute jeans (Tarjay is where you can find them), that I can roll into capri's even though it looks like I'm just wearing high waters.

This little cutie turns 4 years old next Tuesday. We will be doing some party planning for him. 

TGIF Friends!

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  1. I saw that the Baby Sitters Club was on Netflix and put it on my list to watch :)

  2. BSC - yes!!!! Will be putting that in to my queue. :D

  3. Definitely finished watching the BSC episodes on Netflix last week!

  4. LOL loved the Babysitter's Club. So awesome! :) I'm off to read the article.

    1. ahhaha...my friends and I started our own babysitters club.

  5. I am so excited for fireworks!! My fave

  6. Um, BSC on netflix?? I may or may not be finally getting a netflix membership for that, just for that sole reason.

  7. Oh my, Babysitter's Club?! I lovedddd that so much when I was younger. Awww happy early birthday to your little Dexter. So cute!


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