Friday Favorites!

watching The Baby Sitter Club on Netflix... while stuffing my face over lunch.

and this article. OH M GEE is this a where are they now article.

I finally figured out how to put most of my Itunes onto my Galaxy.  If you have Itunes, and Google you should add your library to Google Play. You will have you music with you anywhere, whenever you sign into Google. Score!

I can't wait for

(photo from last year in Missouri)

I get to spend both nights this weekend with Ry-guy out in my favorite city. woot! Two people are turning the Dirty Thirty.  One is at Target Field. holla!

After searching high and low, I found these cute jeans (Tarjay is where you can find them), that I can roll into capri's even though it looks like I'm just wearing high waters.

This little cutie turns 4 years old next Tuesday. We will be doing some party planning for him. 

TGIF Friends!

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my current obsessions

I haven't posted some of my favorites for a while. Changing things up a little with My Current Obsessions. so here goes....

this song has me all sorts of obsessed. I listen to it on the way to work and, on the bus ride home. I can't wait for her album.

Wasting All These Tears by Cassadee Pope on Grooveshark

I'm aniticpating the Blake Shelton concert in September.  He's bringing along Jana Kramer, and Easton Corbin. fun fact: his album is thebomb.com.  I just started listening to his new cd. when I'm not listening to Cassadee Pope. 

I've been watching LBTV  (lLuke Bryan TV) to keep me company over lunch.  new episodes every Thursday.

and his new album will drop in August. OH M GEE am I excited for that. Hoping he will tour, and stop in Minneapolis. I've seen him several times, but his show is amazing!


We haven't been out to see any of the big Summer blockbusters. Which is sucky. yes-sucky. We're hoping to hit up a movie in between two 30th birthday extravaganzas. one for Ry-guy's BFF at a Minnesota Twins game tomorrow night. The other for Lo.  Excited to hang out with some Minnesota Bloggers again. and this gal.

This new liquid lip balm from Almay is amazeballs. I had some coupies for $4.00 off an almay product, and these babies were $4.99 ( Target) $.99 per tube made my day. 

I've not been able to turn down a grilled cheese sandwich lately. and I found this cheese which is great on a grilled cheese. 

I've been a book worm as of late. I recently finished Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews. I love, love, love it. more in depth review coming soon. 

I just started Waiting to be Heard, by Amanda Knox

What are some of your recent obsessions?

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this weekend I....

Enjoyed a picnic with my co-workers on Friday to start off the weekend. Ry-guy and Dex made an appearance. Everyone loved them. as per usual.  sadly, I took no photos from this event.

Friday night, Ryan was off work early from the pizza joint, thankfully he was at home with me when the massive storms hit the Twin Cities. We didn't have anything severe. We had a good amount of rain. The lights flickered on and off several times, we are lucky to still have power.

Saturday went over to my Grandma's house. Her area was hit hard by the storms, lots of trees down. Cleaned up her yard.  She is without power until Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. and its hot and humid as all get out here. 

Enjoyed some QT with my boys. Ry-guy has been working non stop. A nap, and some TV time. Then he was back to work again for the night. 

Watched the Jodi Aries movie on Lifetime. Whoa, homegirl was crazy!  


Ry got home late from the pizza joint, we ate pizza and watched Pitch Perfect


Sunday we woke up and watched Pitch Perfect again. 

had some Chipotle for lunch, it was not as good as I remember. 

Watched several episodes of Game of Thrones

Enjoyed some reading time:


More storms are predicted for this week. We're hoping we stay in the clear for the week. We have some fun events this weekend.

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a little late to the game

so I'm a little late in following The Voice.  Well I've never really watched The Voice until two nights ago.

 I saw her and was hooked!


Maybe It Was Memphis (The Voice Performance) by Danielle Bradbery on Grooveshark

I can't believe I've been watching that American Idol crap over The Voice

The Voice has Blake Shelton and Usher. 


I shoulda known better. 

and Adam Levine. I mean he's hott, but after watching him Sunday and Monday night I'm hooked!


oh and I love these guys. 



I say Danielle for the win.

Who do you think will win The Voice?

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this weekend I...

we celebrated Stacy's graduation from college, at the Butcher and the Boar. it doesn't get much better than a  beer garden/patio and a Minneapolis Summer night. ahhh!

Ry-guy received his puppy daddy/early 30th birthday gift and we did some cookin'.

hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchased some new cooking utensils to go with the new pots and pans.

received my Target beauty box. (some of you had asked how I received this, a while back Target had some info about it through the Target Facebook page. I paid five dollars and several weeks later I received this.)

watched Django Unchaned, and love it!

finished seasons 6 and 7 of Army Wives. loving the new cast additions. can't wait for the next season.

oh and him. loving him!

linking up with Syndal and Sar.

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dear self,

dear 21 yr old self, 

You think you know what love is, but you will soon find out that this isn't love. Someone who takes away you friends, family, and most importantly your FREEDOM, doesn't love you. They are a monster. You had left for six months, and need to stay gone. Don't got back after six months only to be abused for another year and a half. You'll want to believe people can change, but people who are psychically abusive can't.  

Go out and celebrate on your 21st birthday! you only turn 21 once. Don't sit at home.  Alcohol doesn't make everyone abusive  like "him".  Most people you will soon meet are fun and upbeat when they drink.  

Re-think the whole "I'm never going to college thing"  The company you are a manager for will fold within the  next 10 years, and you won't be able to work your way up through the company like you had hoped. 

Once you leave this company people will be requiring people to have a college degree to apply for the jobs you are look for. This will make life so much easier if you get college out of the way-sooner than later. 

watching all those episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, will make you long for a relationship like that.  and David Boreanez will grow up to be even more attractive. 

don't lie to the people you love. it will hurt them. Even though you try to hide the truth from them, to not hurt them-once they find out it will hurt them, and hurt them badly. sorry Mama!

Don't do all the cleaning for that roommate, and certainly don't spend your time doing all her laundry.
Better yet, don't ever have a roommate, find a place you can afford to live in on your own. and don't let your roommate ever be that boy who was your first love. 

Save your MONEY, don't throw it away on tanning, fake nails, fake hair, great clothes, and all those trips to Target.  You will want to have a savings later in life when you get laid off from that first big girl job. 

speaking of tanning, you shouldn't do that. especially tanning your face. and even though you may be too tired-take your make-up off every night before bed.

don't freak out when that horrible roommate leaves you with the kitten she and the love of her life bought. He will leave her and she will be heartbroken and think he reminds her too much of the stuff animal he bought her. She will get sick of him and leave you with him. you will then have three cats. you will be overwhelmed with that. but will later learn that the kitten she left with you will be the best cat in the world.  

don't spend all those nights crying that you've lost your first love, and the only love you will ever know. several years later, through many bad dates, even worse relationships you will meet the  man of you dreams.  he will understand you better than you understand yourself. He will be the best man you've ever known. he will work harder than you ever could, and want to provide the best for you and your son. 

 oh and.... don't forget to take more photos. 


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what I'm watching Wednesday

Its no secret I love TV and movies. Since Minnesnowta has turned into Seattle as of late, I haven't been doing many hip and happening things. Although this past weekend I did hit up the dog park with my girl Christina and her pup (Foxy) Roxy-one of Dexter's lady friends, saw my Grandma, and enjoyed a lunch date with Meg, and our Ryan's @ Redcow.

I also had the time to watch some shows on the TIVO.  Some of my new favorites are:

Hit the Floor
North America
Polygamy, USA
The Goodwin Games

and some old favorites
Army Wives
Nurse Jackie

what have you been watching?

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