this weekend I

This weekend in Minnesota it hit 80 degrees! Minnesotans have endured the longest Winter ever. oh yeah and its supposed to snow on Thursday. BOO!  anywho, back to my weekend. 

I had planned to spend Friday night cooking with some of my favorite Minnesota Bloggers. Wouldn't ya know it a migraine got in the way (yet again).  Instead I stopped at Leann Chin for dinner and went home to sleep the night away. It was so awful to have to sleep the first (nice) Spring night away. 

Saturday we woke up and started discussing something to do. Most of our schedule for the next couple months is planned for us. We made the most of this unplanned Saturday and hit up the Minnesota Twins game. Before the game we hit up Old Navy (again) to get more Spring clothes for me, and Macy's for Ry-guy to get some shorts and polos. 

Before heading to Target Field we made a pit stop at the bar downtown that Ryan used to work at. They hooked us up. We stuffed our faces with burgers and cheese curds.  We enjoyed a beverage or two and then hit up the game. It was a perfect day for baseball.  

After the game we met up with some of Ryan's friends and listened to his friends band play.  We called it a night around 11, after too much day drinking. 

Sunday we both had plans to hang out with friends and those plans fell through. We just bummed around the house and spent time together. This is something we haven't done in a long time. Ry-guy is always busy working toward our savings for a house. I made sure to enjoy the time we spent together, since we won't have much downtime for the next couple months. 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Awesome weekend!! Go Twins :)

  2. Were you at our favorite bar Brothers?!? Many good times!!

  3. we got up to 65 in west central MN on Saturday and it felt glorious! Yay Twins! I love baseball season!

  4. Oh man, migraines are so fun at all! :( The game looked like it was a lot of fun though!

    1. I had to miss out on the cooking class, too, because of my knee. So bummed to have missed it.

      This weekend was glorious - FINALLY some decent weather here in MN!

  5. we missed you at class but glad you were able to enjoy the weather after all.


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