my dream wedding

While at work today I had some downtime. When said downtime occurs, I normally am stalking blogs, chatting with co-workers, or catching up on the breaking news.  Today was different. I logged into Pinterest.  When Pinterest first came out I was obsessed with pining everything. Pinterest lost its luster and I had forgotten about it. 

 Growing up, I was never one who thought about what their wedding would be like. I had planned on never getting married. I couldn't imagine being with the same person for the rest of my life. I thought about this as early as eight years old. I had huge commitment issues growing up. This coming from the girl who dated someone for 6.5 years, and never got married to them. I didn't even know 2-3 years into that relationship if I wanted to be married to him. 

 Lucky for me this guy came into the picture. He changed my whole way of thinking. Being married sounds great. Someone to have my back all the time, grow old with, take out a large life insurance policy with, end up on Dateline or 48 Hours Mystery with. etc.  
back to Pinterest, I checked the "Wedding" board, every gal in America has.  I saw five pins. yes FIVE. 

I know what I want at my wedding...


and this... 

yup, that's it. All I want. 

pretty exciting huh?

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  1. Love it :) as long as its what you two want and you walk away smiling then it's perfect! And that goes for wedding or no wedding.

  2. Girl, court house is perfect. If you don't want the hoopla & the stress that comes with it, then run to the courthouse & spend the money on a honeymoon!

  3. lol at 48 hours. I joke with M about that all the time. I should probably stop, if he winds up dead I'll get arrested for sure. haha.

  4. I LOVE this and couldn't agree more. When I got engaged all I could think about was wedding planning! Then Pinterest came along and made the dreaming easy! Now, 4 years later, 1 baby later...I'm over it. I don't think I was ever really into the big wedding, it's just what I was "supposed" to do. Now I just want to marry my baby daddy and he (and our daughter now) is all I want there! :)


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