I can't believe...

I can't believe that next Monday I've been at my job for six months. We've only been back (living in Minny) for seven months. Ry-guy and I were just talking last night about  how it feels like we never left, and we're never leaving again!

I can't believe baseball season is upon us. I'm not a huge Minnesota Twins fan (anymore), but I love hitting up Target Field for some beers, and  (beef) dogs. 

I can't believe that I have to take my poor kitty to the vet. We're pretty sure he has Diabetes  I don't want to   self diagnose my cat, but all the symptoms are there. EEP!

I can't believe how muddy Dexter Morgan gets from hanging out at the dog park. We have to give him a bath every night after the park. #puppymomproblems

I can't believe that I haven't even been craving a soda pop in foreverrrrrr! I'm so glad I've been able to curb that addiction

I can't believe its been a whole week since I last blogged. I hate not blogging. It stresses me out to not blog. My migraines have been making it unbearable to sit in front of the computer.  

I can't believe its been a week since I've seen Meg. Going into withdraw symptoms over here.


I can't believe I might have some migraine relief this week. Thanks to Mother Nature!


I really can't believe she thinks she looks better.  WOOF!
 photo DMMsig_zpse5be3be6.jpg


  1. aww I hope kitty isn't diabetic!! :(

  2. The Diet Coke picture - HILARIOUS!!! That's me except with Coke Zero!! :p Good for you, staying away. it's totally an addiction.

    Vicki just wasn't a pretty woman to begin with, poor thing. ha

  3. I am loving that twins tshirt!! So dang cute! And was it just me or did every single one of the OC housewives look weird as all get out?? The brunette one married to the plastic surgeon, can't remember her name, she looked weird too!!

  4. Eesh that lady is a brute. Plastic surgery should be a no no for her! Good job with the soda! I must try conquering that! I'm going to bud in and say I want to hang out with you ladies! I'm in need of some girl talk/time!!

  5. i agree with you too how does vicki thinks she looks better? she looks plastic it doesn't look real. i thought she was secure enough not to change her appearance

  6. That picture of Dexter is sooo cute. I'm lucky the back yard isn't really muddy for Walter...or he'd be getting baths every day. lol

  7. oh man the housewives, so trashy yet i cannot pull my eyes away from the screen. :)

    congratulations on reaching the 6mo mark at your job!!!

    and in other news, i miss your face too. we'll have to chill soon.


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