Friday Favorites

woohoooo! its Friday, Friday, Friday.  TGIF friends!

I found some new things I have fallen in love with this week. 

I have a zillion samples of this B.B. cream and figured this morning was as good as any to give it a try. It feels so lightweight and fresh.  Go buy it now! You'll thank me later. 

This is one of my favorite OPI mini sets EVER!

I finally received my FIJI straw in the mail. I have an addiction to using straws, and I love Fiji water. 
Best part was this bad boy was FREE!

T-Mobile is FINALLY receiving the I-Phone.  It releases on April 12. I am excited to join the I-Phone user world. Its been a long wait T-Mobile, I hope its worth it!

This Sunday night my boy-friend Mr. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will be hosting the ACM's and I couldn't be more ecstatic to see them on stage, together.  ooohhhweeeeeeeee.

I've been able to catch up on some TV watchin' this week. If you're not watching these shows- you need to start!

have a great weekend friends!

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  1. I need to try that L'Oreal stuff! I DVR'd Hannibal last night. Can't wait to watch it! I have a lot of shows to catch up on this weekend. Good thing the boy works Saturday and Sunday ;)

  2. 1. No idea that straw existed, that is awesome. 2. You will wonder how you ever lived without an iphone.

  3. I use that same BB cream and I LOVE it.

    Ooh- I am loving that OPI set! great colors!

  4. ooo i want to try bb cream! must remember to buy some next time i go to the store.

    that straw is too cool.

    the mr. and i were going to hold out to get fancy phones until virgin mobile got the iphone, etc but we were to impatient to wait, so when mr.c got a free phone through work and an discount for verizon - i moved on up in the world and am now totally addicted to my iphone. seriously, you really will wonder how you ever lived without it (which is kinda scary if you think about that too long...so just don't and enjoy it!)

  5. DYYYYYYYYYYING over the ACM's! I'm far too excited about them! Concert in my living room Sunday night! haha Love those neutral OPI colors too.

  6. Going to try that bb cream when I remember. (as long as it isn't to costly) (miss cheap ass here) I can't wait to get my iphone in June. Yep, jumpin on the band wagon with that. I love figi water and I don't know why? Especially since it's more costly then other waters. It's the square bottle I think. Eh.

  7. What IS BB cream?! I keep seeing it on commercials & blogs & am starting to feel like less of a woman for not knowing what it is lol

  8. I'm with Amanda... What exactly is BB cream. I too, feel like less of woman for not knowing! Explain it to me, oh wise one & show me the way of the BB cream! = )

    Can't wait for the ACM's!!

  9. I cannot believe there is a Hannibal TV show! I actually was just told by a friend today.

    I love Vampire Diaries. I had to stop watching the Following. I got too scared, lol.

  10. I used to have t-mobile but I cound't wait for april 12 to get the iPhone so I switched to Sprint on Thursday and got it :) Impatient you say? haha

  11. Love my iPhone, I am SO happy I jumped on that bandwagon. I should try the L'OREAL BB cream because I'm not sure I am loving the one I got.

    Amanda & Andrea - BB Creams blur imperfections and even out skin tone, while smoothing, hydrating, brightening, and protecting.

  12. I love that BB cream too. That's the one I start with first and then I pair it with another one for a little more coverage. Welcome to the iPhone world! You will love it!! I also watch The Following. Such a good show!!

  13. I've been dying to try the BB cream but I can't find it here. Will definitely have to order and have it shipped.


  14. I've been using an iphone for a while, but I don't I use it to it's full capacity!


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