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1.) Reese Witherspoon got arrested. I never thought I would ever type that sentence. andddd her hubby got a DWI, that shits no joke. I'm less than impressed with homegirl. I know everyone makes mistakes but that's a hugeeeeeeeee mistake on her part. 


2.)  I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I've been in a funk as of late. 

I really became obsessed with the the Boston Marathon bombings. It makes my anxiety go through the roof. It scares me to think that my niece and nephews will grow up in a world with all this hate and terrorism. 

3.)  The blog bestie is finally making an appearance in MPLS tonight. WOOT! We've attempted to hang out a few other times and Miss Mother Nature has other plans.  

4.)  I finally lost enough weight for my first reward to myself. Some new clothes! WOOHOOO!  Its been seriously foreva since I hit up a store for clothing, other than Target.  Old Navy had some wicked clearance and some cute clothing I could wear to work and out this Spring. 

5.) I'm super duper excited to be running walking in The Color Run this year. I'm pretty excited to be with some fellow Minnesota Bloggers, Jess, Lo, and Meg. I'm working on my fitness more and more. Thankfully the arthritis in my left knee seems non-existent now.

6.)  I ride the bus to work and nothing terrifies me more than drunks causing a ruckus when I see people texting while driving. I hate, hate, hate it! Sadly, its not just youngin' its older people as well. I will say sometimes at a stop light I've responded to messages. not while I was driving though. People please stop!

7.)  Katie and I bought tickets for another concert this year.  We're starting off the Summer with Kenny Chesney @ Target Field

the next night we'll be hitting up the Basilica Block Party to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls

the following weekend we're hitting up the NKOTB, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men concert. Holla!

8.) Friday night several of the Minnesota Bloggers will be attending a cooking class. I feel pretty confident in my cooking abilities, but its always fun to learn something new. I'm more excited to hang out with some lovely ladies. 

9.) All Minnesotans are talkin' about is the snow. This year the snow doesn't seem to stop falling this year. At least someone enjoys the snow

10.  Happy Tuesday

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  1. YAY for new clothes! and for the color run! I cant wait for it! :)

  2. 1. Dexter is adorable, as always.
    2. I can't believe Reese got arrested.
    3. Those are cute shirts at Old Navy!

    1. Lo invited me to join your color run team - but, now with my bum knee, I'm not sure I'll be running yet by that point (hopefully, tho!)

      I was so disgusted with the snow last night, but when I woke up to the sun shining on it all - it looked kinda pretty. I can only say that because the forecast is calling for 70's this weekend. Woot!

  3. YAY for you celebrating your weightloss with new clothes! That's a GREAT treat! Is it wrong that I kind of enjoy when squeaky clean celebs like Reese making public mistakes? I mean those things can happen to anyone and it makes them seem more human. Weird, I know!

  4. I'm going to that nkotb/boyz/98 concert too :) :)

  5. I seriously LOLed at that "everyday I'm shovelin" meme
    Congrats on losing weight! Love those Old Navy Sweaters! I got a polka dot one over the weekend that I think is the same and it's SO comfy.
    Looking forward to cooking class!

  6. Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls! Sounds awesome!
    And the shirt with the heart on it is so fabulous!
    Thanks for stopping by! Your dog is the cutest!

  7. What Boys to men and 98 degrees is a thing??? WHOA! I'm going to Kenny too at Cowboys stadium but I'm more excited about Eric Church! How much weight have you lost?? How did you do it? GO YOU, that is awesome.

  8. So many concerts this summer!! How fun

  9. Yikes at the snow! And seriously Reese, what the hell. Never saw that headline coming!

  10. Oh my! Love the name of your blog, or should I say love the name of your dog! Also your dog is pretty cute!

    Texting while driving, it's definitely a no, no... don't we have already enough bad drivers, drunk drivers and people that talk on the phone while driving... so no texting should be allowed at any time!

    Glad I found your blog, have a great time on all those concerts!

  11. just NOW added you to my bloglovin feed- whoops, thought i WAS ALREADY following you and you just havent blogged!

    i am excited to have you over for cooking on friday too!

    i love old navy, they have the best clearance, always!

    i am also running in the color run on the 14th? at the fair grounds?

  12. 1. America's sweetheart can screw up...who knew?!
    2. Ive been there. Hopefully you'll get your mojo back soon.
    5. Good for you! I was just on Old Navy's website & noticed they're having a sale. I've got to get my tush over there asap.
    6. *drops head in shame* I've done it :/
    7. You girls are on a roll. Sweet.
    8. That's so rad & sounds like a ton of fun.

    Thanks for linking up this week!


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