this weekend I

This weekend in Minnesota it hit 80 degrees! Minnesotans have endured the longest Winter ever. oh yeah and its supposed to snow on Thursday. BOO!  anywho, back to my weekend. 

I had planned to spend Friday night cooking with some of my favorite Minnesota Bloggers. Wouldn't ya know it a migraine got in the way (yet again).  Instead I stopped at Leann Chin for dinner and went home to sleep the night away. It was so awful to have to sleep the first (nice) Spring night away. 

Saturday we woke up and started discussing something to do. Most of our schedule for the next couple months is planned for us. We made the most of this unplanned Saturday and hit up the Minnesota Twins game. Before the game we hit up Old Navy (again) to get more Spring clothes for me, and Macy's for Ry-guy to get some shorts and polos. 

Before heading to Target Field we made a pit stop at the bar downtown that Ryan used to work at. They hooked us up. We stuffed our faces with burgers and cheese curds.  We enjoyed a beverage or two and then hit up the game. It was a perfect day for baseball.  

After the game we met up with some of Ryan's friends and listened to his friends band play.  We called it a night around 11, after too much day drinking. 

Sunday we both had plans to hang out with friends and those plans fell through. We just bummed around the house and spent time together. This is something we haven't done in a long time. Ry-guy is always busy working toward our savings for a house. I made sure to enjoy the time we spent together, since we won't have much downtime for the next couple months. 
Happy Monday!

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Friday Favorites

Another Friday, another list of favorites.  

1. Big Sexy Hairspray.
This hairspray is too legit to quit. Oh my!  I never thought hairspray was different. Aqua Net is in its own category and than you have all the other hairsprays out there. Go buy yourself some and thank me later.

2. Friends.
Katie came to visit Meg and I on Tuesday. We had blast hanging out, talking Teen Mom, and other things blogging related. I can't wait to do it again soon. Thanks Meg for cooking us dinner!

3. Ginger Ale. 
I can't get enough of this. Fun fact for all you Mommy's out there or Mom's to be, Ginger Ale is supposed to increase milk production. 


4. The Dog Park.
I really enjoy the time Dexter  Morgan and I have at the dog park. The park closest to our house is HUGE.  Dex is fearless when it comes to pretty much anything, including large dogs. He would much rather play with the larger breeds, than smaller breeds. 

5. Fresh Flowers.
I received some flowers this week from the Boss-man  for Admin Professionals Day. Orange tulips.  I love tulips. I was having the hardest time having them stand up straight.  A coworker popped a pen in the bottom and they've been straight as a ruler ever since. 

What are you doing this weekend? TGIF!

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I would never ever

under any circumstance PROPOSE TO A MAN!  I had another blog post in mind today, but I saw this headline and was immediately taken back by it.  As much as I love Ry-guy and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I would never ask him to marry me. call me old fashioned, call me NORMAL, call me what you will. I don't believe any woman should propose to man. Clearly, if he hasn't gotten around to proposing to you, he isn't worth your time. Ain't noooobooddyyy got time to wait around for that.  

Oh yeah, and what's with the huge lemon drop on her hand. Since when did a big humongous ring become such a big deal. This is how we express our love and devotion for someone? I think your daily actions are your sign of love and devotion.  Ryan taking out the trash, since I hate to do it! or vacuuming the floor, again I hate that too! He will get my car washed, because he knows how much I love a clean car.  He makes cupcakes for me for know reason, other than my wicked obsession with them.  He sends me sweet texts throughout the day. He will watch chick flicks, and girlie shows with me. **not willingly but he will**

Long and short of it is, Ryan could put a twist tie on my hand and I'd be the happiest gal in the world. 

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10 on Tuesday

linking up today with Lin

1.) Reese Witherspoon got arrested. I never thought I would ever type that sentence. andddd her hubby got a DWI, that shits no joke. I'm less than impressed with homegirl. I know everyone makes mistakes but that's a hugeeeeeeeee mistake on her part. 


2.)  I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I've been in a funk as of late. 

I really became obsessed with the the Boston Marathon bombings. It makes my anxiety go through the roof. It scares me to think that my niece and nephews will grow up in a world with all this hate and terrorism. 

3.)  The blog bestie is finally making an appearance in MPLS tonight. WOOT! We've attempted to hang out a few other times and Miss Mother Nature has other plans.  

4.)  I finally lost enough weight for my first reward to myself. Some new clothes! WOOHOOO!  Its been seriously foreva since I hit up a store for clothing, other than Target.  Old Navy had some wicked clearance and some cute clothing I could wear to work and out this Spring. 

5.) I'm super duper excited to be running walking in The Color Run this year. I'm pretty excited to be with some fellow Minnesota Bloggers, Jess, Lo, and Meg. I'm working on my fitness more and more. Thankfully the arthritis in my left knee seems non-existent now.

6.)  I ride the bus to work and nothing terrifies me more than drunks causing a ruckus when I see people texting while driving. I hate, hate, hate it! Sadly, its not just youngin' its older people as well. I will say sometimes at a stop light I've responded to messages. not while I was driving though. People please stop!

7.)  Katie and I bought tickets for another concert this year.  We're starting off the Summer with Kenny Chesney @ Target Field

the next night we'll be hitting up the Basilica Block Party to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls

the following weekend we're hitting up the NKOTB, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men concert. Holla!

8.) Friday night several of the Minnesota Bloggers will be attending a cooking class. I feel pretty confident in my cooking abilities, but its always fun to learn something new. I'm more excited to hang out with some lovely ladies. 

9.) All Minnesotans are talkin' about is the snow. This year the snow doesn't seem to stop falling this year. At least someone enjoys the snow

10.  Happy Tuesday

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Friday Favorites

woohoooo! its Friday, Friday, Friday.  TGIF friends!

I found some new things I have fallen in love with this week. 

I have a zillion samples of this B.B. cream and figured this morning was as good as any to give it a try. It feels so lightweight and fresh.  Go buy it now! You'll thank me later. 

This is one of my favorite OPI mini sets EVER!

I finally received my FIJI straw in the mail. I have an addiction to using straws, and I love Fiji water. 
Best part was this bad boy was FREE!

T-Mobile is FINALLY receiving the I-Phone.  It releases on April 12. I am excited to join the I-Phone user world. Its been a long wait T-Mobile, I hope its worth it!

This Sunday night my boy-friend Mr. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton will be hosting the ACM's and I couldn't be more ecstatic to see them on stage, together.  ooohhhweeeeeeeee.

I've been able to catch up on some TV watchin' this week. If you're not watching these shows- you need to start!

have a great weekend friends!

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my dream wedding

While at work today I had some downtime. When said downtime occurs, I normally am stalking blogs, chatting with co-workers, or catching up on the breaking news.  Today was different. I logged into Pinterest.  When Pinterest first came out I was obsessed with pining everything. Pinterest lost its luster and I had forgotten about it. 

 Growing up, I was never one who thought about what their wedding would be like. I had planned on never getting married. I couldn't imagine being with the same person for the rest of my life. I thought about this as early as eight years old. I had huge commitment issues growing up. This coming from the girl who dated someone for 6.5 years, and never got married to them. I didn't even know 2-3 years into that relationship if I wanted to be married to him. 

 Lucky for me this guy came into the picture. He changed my whole way of thinking. Being married sounds great. Someone to have my back all the time, grow old with, take out a large life insurance policy with, end up on Dateline or 48 Hours Mystery with. etc.  
back to Pinterest, I checked the "Wedding" board, every gal in America has.  I saw five pins. yes FIVE. 

I know what I want at my wedding...


and this... 

yup, that's it. All I want. 

pretty exciting huh?

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I can't believe...

I can't believe that next Monday I've been at my job for six months. We've only been back (living in Minny) for seven months. Ry-guy and I were just talking last night about  how it feels like we never left, and we're never leaving again!

I can't believe baseball season is upon us. I'm not a huge Minnesota Twins fan (anymore), but I love hitting up Target Field for some beers, and  (beef) dogs. 

I can't believe that I have to take my poor kitty to the vet. We're pretty sure he has Diabetes  I don't want to   self diagnose my cat, but all the symptoms are there. EEP!

I can't believe how muddy Dexter Morgan gets from hanging out at the dog park. We have to give him a bath every night after the park. #puppymomproblems

I can't believe that I haven't even been craving a soda pop in foreverrrrrr! I'm so glad I've been able to curb that addiction

I can't believe its been a whole week since I last blogged. I hate not blogging. It stresses me out to not blog. My migraines have been making it unbearable to sit in front of the computer.  

I can't believe its been a week since I've seen Meg. Going into withdraw symptoms over here.


I can't believe I might have some migraine relief this week. Thanks to Mother Nature!


I really can't believe she thinks she looks better.  WOOF!
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