What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm loving the app GroupMe.  This is the best thing since AOL chat rooms. I kid you not. I am beyond OBSESSED with this. 

I'm loving that my boss will be back from maternity leave very soon. 

I'm loving that I have Friday off. I wish I was doing something fun, however, I will be running from appointment to appointment.

I'm loving that after three days, my migraine finally left me. If you have any suggestions/tips that work for you when you have a migraine  please send them my way.  

I'm loving that Katie and I have booked our Memorial Day weekend trip. WOOT! The boys, and the pups (the best part) will be joining us as we hit up the Apostle Islands

What are you loving this Wednesday?
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  1. I completely agree with that migraine picture. If you have a migraine you're not posting on fb... you're rolling around in the dark with a cold wash cloth on your face contemplating ripping your eye balls out or throwing up.

  2. I am loving getting to know you better on groupme!

    Oh and I LOVE the apostle islands! I went sailing around them for a week one summer. SO beautiful! You will love it!

  3. Can't wait till our trip! It's going to be sooo fun!! The cabins look fun!

  4. I have friday off also!! YAY for long weekends!

  5. I am so bummed I can't come on the trip!!

  6. I'm loving that groupme made the list! So fun!

  7. Ahhhh Groupme! I am just now reading blogs! Your trip sounds amazing! :)

  8. Ive only had one migraine in my entire life and I can say that I hope I never ever have another one again. Ouch. Glad yours finally went away.

    1. I'm seriously going to get fired from my job for too much GroupMe chats..LOL But, sooooo worth it..right?

  9. Glad you're feeling better - migraines are the absolute worst!

    And that looks like such a fun place for a trip!! Enjoy!


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