things a three year old shouldn't do. pt 1

Recently, Ry-guy and I scored some advanced screening tickets to Olympus Has Fallen (review coming soon). 

 I was super excited by this because 1. its free 2. Ry-guy wasn't working that night 3. we don't  (normally) go out on "school nights". 

When you receive the advance tickets they state " please arrive early to show". Long and short of it is, they hand out tickets wayyy past capacity, like airlines do. Its like when swine rush to the feed troft.  We all form a nice line till it starts moving and then all hell breaks loose. People get cray cray over these free screenings. We did our duty, waited in line for over an hour and a half. I rushed to the theater (like those crazy brides, when Filene's Basement has the wedding dress closeout) found us two seats. whew! I looked down at my seat and noticed to my  left was a young child, a VERYYYY YOUNG CHILD.  Eff, I hate seeing movies with young kids, unless its a kiddish movie. Well you see Olympus has Fallen isn't so kid friendly  I don't think it was even "Jen" friendly. I digress. Ryan takes his seat, and turns to me and says "what the hell is that kid doing in here?" my thoughts exactly.  If you've seen the previews for this movie, you'd know its very, very violent and contains adult language, its rated R for a reason.

Moving onward the movie doesn't start for another half hour, the kid is already bouncing off the walls eating Sour Patch kids, not just any SPK, but the EXTREME SPK and drinking massive amounts of Gatorade  FML.  Way to go on the seating arrangements I tell myself. I think to myself if I make "friends" with the kid he will keep quiet through the movie (at least I was really hoping).  So we have a half hour to become besties.  I start talking to him about the SPK, his faced covered in sugar and his tongue as blue as the ocean. As he continues to stuff his face and tell me what his favorite SPK is, he whips his little leg around and shows me his "owie".  (in case you were wondering, he jumped on the bed and fell and hit the end table) He then tells me that he is "free", I'll translate for you, its three in kid years.  Finishes the rest of his  sugar water Gatorade. He complains to me how he wants "the big TV to turn on".  While he's complaining his Grandmother looks over at me and tells me they've been waiting at the feed troft since 3pm.  Let me tell you folks this movie isn't worth the 4.5 hour wait they had. My bestie and I talk some more, Ryan gets jealous the big TV finally turns on.   

This movie could be one of the most violent movies I've seen in a lonngg time. back to the story at hand. During the movie, my bestie won't be quiet. He's fed popcorn, nachos, more SPK.  When he sees that I am no longer paying attention to him, he pats my arm a couple times just to wave at me and say "hi".  Big mistake making friends with him. 

Needless to say, a three year old shouldn't see R- rated movies. IMO.

the end. 

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  1. Please tell me you're kidding?? And just made this whole story up?? What sense does a parent/grandparent have bringing a FREE year old to an R rated movie?? And people wonder why there is so much violence in today's world - they start 'em YOUNG!!

  2. OMG I cannot believe they took a 3 yr old to see that movie!

  3. Yeah I'd say a little inappropriate...

  4. We get that here a lot! And I'm like Am I the ONLY PERSON seeing this kid in this ADULT movie???

    I'm sorry you couldn't thoroughly enjoy the movie...and that Ry DIDN'T get jealous *whistles*


  5. Ugh I haaaaate when people are idiots and take their kids to inappropriate places, movies, theaters etc. so annoying!!

  6. I don't even like seeing kids inside kids movies. Although, I expect them to be there.

  7. I can't believe that. GET A BABYSITTER!

  8. okkkk seriously who brings a 3 year old to that type of movie?! ugh!

  9. I would NEVER bring Aubrey to a movie like that. I would never also give her gatorade and SPK. What is wrong with people?


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