what's up??

Ohh heyyy, hi, I'm here!!! Yes, its been a while since I've graced this blog with my presence. J/K its only been six days. anywho...

I've been hanging out lately with some of the wonderful Minnesota Blogger ladies I've met. Its been nice to get out and be social. I've really been trying to make an effort to be social. I think its working.

I've been spending some time with this gal. My new buddy Meg. I love this girl.  I'm so glad we've met.  We're both into watching too much TV, and reading books. my perfect match right there. In a couple weeks, we'll be meeting up with the Bestie Katie, for some fun. Can't wait!

Last week, Christina and I went to see Lee Brice. I've loved him ever since he first came out on the radio. This concert of his was less than stellar. The venue sucked. He wasn't playing songs of his new CD. He was just jammin' out. Which is cool, but play the songs from the album your promoting. 

Finally, Spring is finding her way to Minnesota. Thank God!  Dexter is been out of control, a wild beast of a dog, jumping of the walls dog.  He's been able to get some of his energy out at the dog park.  His new thing is walking around (being antisocial) and marking his territory.  He doesn't care about anyone else there. He also has this new thing, its called #notlisteninganymore. Yeah it sucks balls. 

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows how much I love Minnesota Golden Gopher sports. I really love Gopher football, and basketball. However, I don't share the same love for the coach of the Gopher Men's Basketball team.  I've had a love/hate relationship with him for a while. Well my love turned into hate, and thankfully he was relieved of his duties yesterday (aka FIRED).  I feel bad that he is out of a job, but he will still be paid the 2.5 million dollars left in his contract. so don't feel too bad. Good Luck to you sir!

I've been dealing with some crazy migraines as of late. If you've never had one be thankful. They hurt so bad and last forever.  I've had to cancel plans lately due to them.  I'm hoping that I'm back on track and they won't be happening as much (or at all).  My migraines seem to come on when the weather changes.  Living in Minnesota, this time of year, that tends to happen a lot. It could be 70 and sunny, the next day 20 and snowing, those temperature changes are too much for my head to handle. 


I'm slowly making the rounds on blogs...reading,  commenting, and responding to emails. 

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  1. That picture of Dexter is ADORABLE! And Walter has that same energy right now. Ugh!

  2. Chipper has been going nutso lately, too! Since the weather has been (somewhat) nicer, people are out and about walking and riding bikes past our house - and he goes CAAARAAAZYYY!! He has spring fever and is bouncing off the walls.

  3. Welcome back!

    Hehe- does Dexter always sleep/lay on his back? Too cute!

    As a Florida Gator fan, I feel as though I turned on my home state while watching the game Sunday night. I am not surprized Tubby was let go though.


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