Movie Review Monday

Another Monday, some more movie review for you. Ryan's reviews are in blue, mine are in black.

Taken 2

Pretty similar to the first one.  Liam Neeson is a bad ass and destroys a bunch of dudes.  The father of one of the guys Neeson kills in the first one wants revenge and Neeson will have none of it.  Decent action flick.  


I really enjoyed the first Taken.  That being sad this was okay. We rented it from the Redbox, and I felt like we got our $1.50 back.  The plot was rather predictable.  I loved the cinematography in this movie. The film was shot  in Istanbul and the sights were breathtaking. Not sure how I feel about Liam Neeson as an action start, but it kept my attention (which is hard to do.)


Hit & Run

I cant believe I'm actually writing this, but Tom Arnold is fantastic in this movie.  I recommend it.  Bradley Cooper is a bad ass.  The dread locks are a little weird tho. 


First things first, I really love Kristen Bell. I'm not sure why she choose to do this movie, maybe its cuz her baby daddy is in the film. I dunno. Not the biggest fan of this film. It was all over the place, and not funny.Horrible acting and Bradley Cooper with dreds, no thank you. 



Denzel is fantastic in this.  He plays a character that really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, who is thrust into the limelight after brilliantly saving hundreds of people from a plane crash.  The character he plays is so cancerous that a heroin addict decides that she is better off disassociating herself with him.  I really recommend this film.  It is an incredibly unlikable character but Denzel plays him so well.  


I love Mr. Washington. I was really excited to see this movie based on the plot. This movie was just okay for me. Denzel does play a drunk drug addict very well. The film was about 45 minutes too long. It was an interesting take on a real event. Not the whole drunken pilot thing (that happens everyday). The flying the plain upside down.



Another good popcorn flick.  The jumping back and forth through time got a little confusing, similar to Inception.  However,  it was compelling.  Bruce Willis goes back in time to kill the child who grows up and kills the woman he loves.  Joseph Gordon Levitt struggles with the decision whether or not to stop himself.  


This movie was really confusing to me. I had to keep asking "what just happened?" "what's going on?".  I'm pretty sure I ruined the movie for both of us, since I couldn't follow it.  Once the movie ended it all came clear what the idea was. I felt really stupid for not seeing this before.  Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt did a wonderful job playing the same character. 


We hoped you enjoyed the reviews. We'll have more for you next week. Have you seen any good movies lately?

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  1. The only movie I haven't seen on this list is Hit & Run. The rest I loved!

    I thought they did a fantastic job with Joseph Gordon Levitt and making him seem/look like a younger Bruce Willis.

    Taken 2 was predictable, but I enjoy Liam Neeson as a bada*s so I loved it.

    I thought Flight was great. It was a bit long, but I really, really enjoyed the ending. I didn't think he would tell the truth like he did.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this because these were all the movies I was curious about. Now I dont have to waste my money on the bad ones :)


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