MN Bloggers Favorite Things Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite ladies. The wonderful group of Minnesota BloggersDawn and Lauren planned a wonderful get together, a Favorite Things party.  Everyone brought a favorite item to share with three girls. When our name was called we were able to pick out what item we wanted.  

We had everything from make-up, to coffee mugs, Caribou gift cards, t-shirts, and of course chocolate.  

Top Row: Daci / Andrea
2nd from Top Row: Lauren /Dawn / Bridget Jess
Middle Row: Becky / Carolyn / Kelly B  / JJ Melissa
Front Row: Brittany / Lindsey / Syndal / Meg

 photo DMMsig_zpse5be3be6.jpg


  1. missed you at the bar after!

  2. What a fun idea!! What all did you get?

  3. Slowly making my way through the recaps. It was good to see you!

  4. I've always wanted to attend a "Favorite Things" party...attending with a bunch of blogger friends would make it THAT much better! You'll have to share what all you got!

  5. Replies
    1. So fun to see you!! Did you end up getting rid of all your "free" stuff?? I was going to snag some nail polish for my girls and totally forgot.


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