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I made a new friend, Meg and I hung out on Tuesday and went to dinner and saw Beautiful Creatures.  It was a great time to get to know more about her and enjoy some girl time. 
Beautiful Creatures wasn't as horrid as I though it would be.  It was funny and witty. The story was different , but I felt that I got my $7.50 for a decent flick.
I bought a super cute pair of cowboy boots at Kohl's for $8.00. woot!  These will have to hold me over till I save a couple hundred for some real ones.

I'm going to HH tonight with some fun Minnesota bloggers. 
I'm headed to Wisconsin to hang out with Katie and her hubby. The only part about this that Ry-guy is excited about is cheese curds. 
The Minnesota Gopher Men's Basketball team knocked off the #1 rated Indiana Hoosiers.
its Friday!

I was supposed to see Safe Haven last night and my car wouldn't start when I got off work. So I didn't see the movie, even though I made sure to finish the book yesterday. 
We haven't been home much this week and Dexter Morgan is not happy about it. He's become a beast, he need constant attention. I guess I made him this way when he was a pup.  He gives me the saddest face when I go to leave for work in the morning. I die. 
Last Thursday and Friday I received flowers.  They have since died. I was hoping they would last longer than a week. Big thanks to Katie and Ry-guy for the beautiful flowers. 

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  1. Whhat a fun weekend! Enjoy!

  2. I'm going to see Beautiful Creatures next week. I liked the book but the previews for the movie look horrible! I still want to see it though :)

  3. Awww poor Dexter Morgan. Walter hates when I'm gone a lot...even if someone else is home with him. He's a big momma's boy.

  4. Yay for new friends & seeing mediocre movies that are at least worth the money haha. Aw, poor little Dex.


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