10 on Tuesday

1.) It snowed here yesterday and today. Working on a college campus I see crazy shit. Like the fact that even after 7 + inches of snow have fallen, people are still out riding their bikes and jogging around campus. I mean good for you that you can jog and bike through all this snow. I can barely walk. I fell seven times today trying to get to my car and to the bus stop. So please stop making me feel lazy in this snow.

2.) Is anyone as over the Harlem Shake as I am? I was over it before it began. I don't get it. I'd much rather have the Macarena back. 

3.)  I found someone who is over the Harlem Shake. Please watch.

4.)  I got to spend some time with my Grandma recently and found out the love story with her and my Grandfather. It was a wonderful time. I hate that I waited 31 years to jump on that train. I received some photos of my brother and me with my Grandpa. (he passed away when I was six.).   I'm excited to have some more photos for #throwbackthursday. 

5.) I'm back to not signing up for swaps again. I know you all care. I love the idea that Linny has for a swap, so you should go sign up for it. Make sure to follow the guidelines of the swap. We all like to be creative, but sometimes following the rules is for the best. 

6.)  I signed up for L.A. Fitness over the weekend. Hopefully this will help me lose more of the weight. I've been feeling pretty good about the weight loss so far. I'm also back to not drinking diet coke/ diet dr. pepper. I gave it up last year for so long. When I have a bad day I turn to dc or ddp. I guess now I'll have to turn to the hard stuff. BEER!

7.) So my BF (sorry Ry!), Mr. Luke Bryan has a new CD out today, Spring Break... Here to Party. You must go and buy this now. 

I thought I would share my favorite song from the album,


8.)  Tomorrow is payday. WOOT!

9.) We've been watching movies like they're ain't no tomorrow, get ready for many more Movie Review Monday's

10.) I got nothing....

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  1. Haha, Macarena! Haven't heard that for a while! :)

  2. I have loved every second of rocking out to Luke today. He is the dreamiest :)

  3. Harlem Shake is no bueno. Seriously, everybody is doing it...not cool. I find it very uncool when people can't seem to follow the directions of a swap. Usually the host(s) are pretty good at detailing what type of swap it is.

  4. Seriously this snow is ridiculous :(

    And yay for payday!

  5. All you bitches are at LA Fitness. I need to re-join. But I hate them. So I can't.

    Harlem Shake can suck it.

  6. 1. Another Minnesotan! I'm ready for Spring!
    2. I still don't know what the Harlem Shake is.

    P.S. I have a yorkie too. His name is Cosmo.

    Happy Ten on Tuesday!

  7. Hahah, the only reason I even first listened to The Harlem Shake was because my friends did a video to it (which was super fantastic I must say)...but other than that...didn't really get into it.

  8. hold up, wait a minute...
    LB is MY boyfriend!! ;)
    new follower, referred here by miss Katie from Kater Potaters!

  9. omg NOOO to the Macarena PLEASE. I heard that enough to last me a lifetime. hahaha But I agree - I'm OVER the Harlem Shake.

    So you're in MN? My fiancé has Minneapolis on his list of possible places for an internship next Fall and us South Texans are pretty nervous about that possibility. haha

  10. Ha, I remember being 13 and thinking I was such a bad ass at school dancing doing the Macarena. What a dork. But yes, I'm SO over the Harlem Shake. Move on already!

    Thanks for the swap shout-out, sweets :)


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