I'm loving La Croix water. YUM!  I've been doing really well at the not drinking soda thing, and this has only helped me. no calories, no artificial sweeteners, sodium free. BAM! in love.

I drank this a while back, and just forgot about how good it is. Last week, I hit up Costco with my Mama and they had 24 cans for 6-7 bucks. I couldn't pass it up.

I'm loving that this weekend Ry-guy and I will be catching up on these movies. We missed seeing these in the theaters. I can't wait!

I'm loving this shampoo, conditioner and hair repair tools. They've been doing wonders for my hair.

I'm loving this forecast


Mostly Sunny37°
Mostly Sunny


Partly Cloudy43°
Partly Cloudy


Partly Cloudy49°
Partly Cloudy


50% Chance of Rain48°
50% Chance of Rain


Partly Cloudy41°
Partly Cloudy

I'm loving  that Baseball season starts next week. I'm hoping my Redsox will play better than they did last year.  

I'm loving Shirmp! OMG I can't seem to get enough of it. 

I'm loving that Ry-guy has tonight off (from his second job) and we'll be able to cook dinner together, and hit up the dog park with our little man. 

What are you loving this week?

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what's up??

Ohh heyyy, hi, I'm here!!! Yes, its been a while since I've graced this blog with my presence. J/K its only been six days. anywho...

I've been hanging out lately with some of the wonderful Minnesota Blogger ladies I've met. Its been nice to get out and be social. I've really been trying to make an effort to be social. I think its working.

I've been spending some time with this gal. My new buddy Meg. I love this girl.  I'm so glad we've met.  We're both into watching too much TV, and reading books. my perfect match right there. In a couple weeks, we'll be meeting up with the Bestie Katie, for some fun. Can't wait!

Last week, Christina and I went to see Lee Brice. I've loved him ever since he first came out on the radio. This concert of his was less than stellar. The venue sucked. He wasn't playing songs of his new CD. He was just jammin' out. Which is cool, but play the songs from the album your promoting. 

Finally, Spring is finding her way to Minnesota. Thank God!  Dexter is been out of control, a wild beast of a dog, jumping of the walls dog.  He's been able to get some of his energy out at the dog park.  His new thing is walking around (being antisocial) and marking his territory.  He doesn't care about anyone else there. He also has this new thing, its called #notlisteninganymore. Yeah it sucks balls. 

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows how much I love Minnesota Golden Gopher sports. I really love Gopher football, and basketball. However, I don't share the same love for the coach of the Gopher Men's Basketball team.  I've had a love/hate relationship with him for a while. Well my love turned into hate, and thankfully he was relieved of his duties yesterday (aka FIRED).  I feel bad that he is out of a job, but he will still be paid the 2.5 million dollars left in his contract. so don't feel too bad. Good Luck to you sir!

I've been dealing with some crazy migraines as of late. If you've never had one be thankful. They hurt so bad and last forever.  I've had to cancel plans lately due to them.  I'm hoping that I'm back on track and they won't be happening as much (or at all).  My migraines seem to come on when the weather changes.  Living in Minnesota, this time of year, that tends to happen a lot. It could be 70 and sunny, the next day 20 and snowing, those temperature changes are too much for my head to handle. 


I'm slowly making the rounds on blogs...reading,  commenting, and responding to emails. 

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What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm loving the app GroupMe.  This is the best thing since AOL chat rooms. I kid you not. I am beyond OBSESSED with this. 

I'm loving that my boss will be back from maternity leave very soon. 

I'm loving that I have Friday off. I wish I was doing something fun, however, I will be running from appointment to appointment.

I'm loving that after three days, my migraine finally left me. If you have any suggestions/tips that work for you when you have a migraine  please send them my way.  

I'm loving that Katie and I have booked our Memorial Day weekend trip. WOOT! The boys, and the pups (the best part) will be joining us as we hit up the Apostle Islands

What are you loving this Wednesday?
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MN Bloggers Favorite Things Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite ladies. The wonderful group of Minnesota BloggersDawn and Lauren planned a wonderful get together, a Favorite Things party.  Everyone brought a favorite item to share with three girls. When our name was called we were able to pick out what item we wanted.  

We had everything from make-up, to coffee mugs, Caribou gift cards, t-shirts, and of course chocolate.  

Top Row: Daci / Andrea
2nd from Top Row: Lauren /Dawn / Bridget Jess
Middle Row: Becky / Carolyn / Kelly B  / JJ Melissa
Front Row: Brittany / Lindsey / Syndal / Meg

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things a three year old shouldn't do. pt 1

Recently, Ry-guy and I scored some advanced screening tickets to Olympus Has Fallen (review coming soon). 

 I was super excited by this because 1. its free 2. Ry-guy wasn't working that night 3. we don't  (normally) go out on "school nights". 

When you receive the advance tickets they state " please arrive early to show". Long and short of it is, they hand out tickets wayyy past capacity, like airlines do. Its like when swine rush to the feed troft.  We all form a nice line till it starts moving and then all hell breaks loose. People get cray cray over these free screenings. We did our duty, waited in line for over an hour and a half. I rushed to the theater (like those crazy brides, when Filene's Basement has the wedding dress closeout) found us two seats. whew! I looked down at my seat and noticed to my  left was a young child, a VERYYYY YOUNG CHILD.  Eff, I hate seeing movies with young kids, unless its a kiddish movie. Well you see Olympus has Fallen isn't so kid friendly  I don't think it was even "Jen" friendly. I digress. Ryan takes his seat, and turns to me and says "what the hell is that kid doing in here?" my thoughts exactly.  If you've seen the previews for this movie, you'd know its very, very violent and contains adult language, its rated R for a reason.

Moving onward the movie doesn't start for another half hour, the kid is already bouncing off the walls eating Sour Patch kids, not just any SPK, but the EXTREME SPK and drinking massive amounts of Gatorade  FML.  Way to go on the seating arrangements I tell myself. I think to myself if I make "friends" with the kid he will keep quiet through the movie (at least I was really hoping).  So we have a half hour to become besties.  I start talking to him about the SPK, his faced covered in sugar and his tongue as blue as the ocean. As he continues to stuff his face and tell me what his favorite SPK is, he whips his little leg around and shows me his "owie".  (in case you were wondering, he jumped on the bed and fell and hit the end table) He then tells me that he is "free", I'll translate for you, its three in kid years.  Finishes the rest of his  sugar water Gatorade. He complains to me how he wants "the big TV to turn on".  While he's complaining his Grandmother looks over at me and tells me they've been waiting at the feed troft since 3pm.  Let me tell you folks this movie isn't worth the 4.5 hour wait they had. My bestie and I talk some more, Ryan gets jealous the big TV finally turns on.   

This movie could be one of the most violent movies I've seen in a lonngg time. back to the story at hand. During the movie, my bestie won't be quiet. He's fed popcorn, nachos, more SPK.  When he sees that I am no longer paying attention to him, he pats my arm a couple times just to wave at me and say "hi".  Big mistake making friends with him. 

Needless to say, a three year old shouldn't see R- rated movies. IMO.

the end. 

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first things first

I stole this little ditty from Melissa

first thing I do in the morning: give Dexter Morgan some smooches (Ry-guy is long gone for work), hit snooze, wait for the alarm to go off again. 

first thing I do when i get home from work: Take Dexter Morgan for a walk. He's pretty well known around the 'hood, it nice for him to be able to see some friends.

my first kiss: oh gosh. I think it was....hmm... 6th grade with Andy A. 

my first home: well the first home I remember as a child was a town home in St. Louis Park, MN.  We lived there for a long time. Finally, the Summer before  7th grade, my Mama was able to purchase a home. We had to move schools, and I thought that would suck balls. Luckily, it didn't. 

my first car: my first car was a '86 Honda Accord. It was blue and a stick shift.  WOOT! I took my drivers test on a stick. fun fact. I really liked it. Someday I would love to be able to by another Honda. For now I'll stick with my SUV. 

my first traffic violation: I was 24 or 26 (can't recall, this happens once you get older.), it was for speeding in Edina.  I was trying to make it to the bank to deposit my paycheck in time for the weekend. Welp, that didn't happen and I ended up with a nice ticket. That was my first, and only.  Jerkface didn't even give me a warning. BOO!

the first thing I wanted to be when i grow up: I really wanted to be a Princess, Miss America, or a sportscaster on ESPN.   

my first drink of choice: ice cold water!

my first restaurant of choice: well it depends on if we're going fancy or casual. Fancy I would say Redstone. I love everything they have on their menu. Casual, hands down Which Wich. yummm! 

first song that comes to mind: I always have the song "If I had a million dollars", in my head at work. I'm pretty sure my colleagues are so sick of hearing it. Or "Don't stop Believin", that's "our song". don't ask....

first major purchase: probably my car after the Honda accord.  A '97 Chevy Cavalier, it was my dream car ( at the time).  Only six short moths later, I totaled it. 

first job: I worked at Blockbuster Video. It was amazing. It was the coolest job to have in the late 90's.  I started off as a customer service rep, ended up (four years later) becoming a dual store manager. I ran two stores/staff, and customer complains. That was tough being so young. When I was 22 I quit to go to college. 


first time I flew: when I was 6 years old my mom took us to Disney World for my birthday. It was the bomb.com. I loved every minute of it. I was lucky enough to go back for my 12,18, and 20th birthdays. I hope to get to go with Ry-guy and show him how fun Disney can be for adults. 

first "big girl" job: The Blockbuster Store Manager job was a pretty "big girl" job.  It was tough, being so young and trying to have a life, if someone called in sick I would have to drop everything and head into the store. Some weeks I would work 70-80 hours. Finally, I hired a great team of managers who made my life much easier. 

 Otherwise, I became an Admin for a local private career college. It was great experience. I hate the idea of private for profit colleges. They rip students off so bad. Thankfully the past couple years I've spent at public state Universities.  The only way to go. 

What are some of your firsts?

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10 on Tuesday

1.) It snowed here yesterday and today. Working on a college campus I see crazy shit. Like the fact that even after 7 + inches of snow have fallen, people are still out riding their bikes and jogging around campus. I mean good for you that you can jog and bike through all this snow. I can barely walk. I fell seven times today trying to get to my car and to the bus stop. So please stop making me feel lazy in this snow.

2.) Is anyone as over the Harlem Shake as I am? I was over it before it began. I don't get it. I'd much rather have the Macarena back. 

3.)  I found someone who is over the Harlem Shake. Please watch.

4.)  I got to spend some time with my Grandma recently and found out the love story with her and my Grandfather. It was a wonderful time. I hate that I waited 31 years to jump on that train. I received some photos of my brother and me with my Grandpa. (he passed away when I was six.).   I'm excited to have some more photos for #throwbackthursday. 

5.) I'm back to not signing up for swaps again. I know you all care. I love the idea that Linny has for a swap, so you should go sign up for it. Make sure to follow the guidelines of the swap. We all like to be creative, but sometimes following the rules is for the best. 

6.)  I signed up for L.A. Fitness over the weekend. Hopefully this will help me lose more of the weight. I've been feeling pretty good about the weight loss so far. I'm also back to not drinking diet coke/ diet dr. pepper. I gave it up last year for so long. When I have a bad day I turn to dc or ddp. I guess now I'll have to turn to the hard stuff. BEER!

7.) So my BF (sorry Ry!), Mr. Luke Bryan has a new CD out today, Spring Break... Here to Party. You must go and buy this now. 

I thought I would share my favorite song from the album,


8.)  Tomorrow is payday. WOOT!

9.) We've been watching movies like they're ain't no tomorrow, get ready for many more Movie Review Monday's

10.) I got nothing....

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Movie Review Monday

Another Monday, some more movie review for you. Ryan's reviews are in blue, mine are in black.

Taken 2

Pretty similar to the first one.  Liam Neeson is a bad ass and destroys a bunch of dudes.  The father of one of the guys Neeson kills in the first one wants revenge and Neeson will have none of it.  Decent action flick.  


I really enjoyed the first Taken.  That being sad this was okay. We rented it from the Redbox, and I felt like we got our $1.50 back.  The plot was rather predictable.  I loved the cinematography in this movie. The film was shot  in Istanbul and the sights were breathtaking. Not sure how I feel about Liam Neeson as an action start, but it kept my attention (which is hard to do.)


Hit & Run

I cant believe I'm actually writing this, but Tom Arnold is fantastic in this movie.  I recommend it.  Bradley Cooper is a bad ass.  The dread locks are a little weird tho. 


First things first, I really love Kristen Bell. I'm not sure why she choose to do this movie, maybe its cuz her baby daddy is in the film. I dunno. Not the biggest fan of this film. It was all over the place, and not funny.Horrible acting and Bradley Cooper with dreds, no thank you. 



Denzel is fantastic in this.  He plays a character that really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, who is thrust into the limelight after brilliantly saving hundreds of people from a plane crash.  The character he plays is so cancerous that a heroin addict decides that she is better off disassociating herself with him.  I really recommend this film.  It is an incredibly unlikable character but Denzel plays him so well.  


I love Mr. Washington. I was really excited to see this movie based on the plot. This movie was just okay for me. Denzel does play a drunk drug addict very well. The film was about 45 minutes too long. It was an interesting take on a real event. Not the whole drunken pilot thing (that happens everyday). The flying the plain upside down.



Another good popcorn flick.  The jumping back and forth through time got a little confusing, similar to Inception.  However,  it was compelling.  Bruce Willis goes back in time to kill the child who grows up and kills the woman he loves.  Joseph Gordon Levitt struggles with the decision whether or not to stop himself.  


This movie was really confusing to me. I had to keep asking "what just happened?" "what's going on?".  I'm pretty sure I ruined the movie for both of us, since I couldn't follow it.  Once the movie ended it all came clear what the idea was. I felt really stupid for not seeing this before.  Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt did a wonderful job playing the same character. 


We hoped you enjoyed the reviews. We'll have more for you next week. Have you seen any good movies lately?

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Cara Box Reveal

I've been doing my best to not sign up for swaps. When I saw the Feburary theme for Cara Box I had to join. This month's theme was Club Sexy, where you do something romantic and inexpensive with your significant other. I was interested to see what another person would come up with for us. The fun part was we were paired with bloggers in our state. Kenzie was the blogger who would be sending me my box. I was sending items to Melissa. You can see what I sent her here

the goodies Kenzie sent me

earrings, candle, notebook, post its and white board. 

Thanks Kenzie!

Cara Box

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