this weekend I

this weekend I had plans to go to a birthday party. Ry-guy was stuck at work and it started snowing. we never made it to the birthday party. We ended up with take-out from Famous Dave's and watched the Wild hockey game. 

this weekend I got to enjoy sometime with Ryan. He's been working like a mad man (mostly at night) and we've been two ships passing in the night. We went to see Argo. OMG amazeballs! I love Mr. Affleck more than words. Homeboy did NOT disappoint. I have now become obsessed with finding out everything about the Iranian Hostage crisis. 

this weekend I had plans to go to a fun blogger meet up, but a stupid migraine got in the way. I was in bed by 5pm Saturday night, with lights out by 8pm. 

this weekend we had plans to go and celebrate Ry-guy's Grandma's birthday, well we got busy with something else and they couldn't wait for us to arrive, so we missed out on brunch at Mystic Lake Casino, which is amazeballs.  We ended up hitting a local bar in town for lunch with Ry's Mama.  

After lunch we went home so Ry-guy could serve pizzas to all the people watching the Superbowl. I went to see my Mama and missed the Superbowl all together. Don't fret, I've been busy watching the commercials   I can't wait to check out Beyonce's half time show after work tonight.

I think I took one photo all weekend. so this blog post isn't very exciting. Sorry for that. I have lots of fun planned this week. Hopefully migraines and sickness do not get in the way. 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Argo was amazing! I cannot wait to buy it when it comes out. Such an amazing movie!!

    And Beyonce was on fire! You are going to love her performance!

  2. I have yet to see Argo but I heard it was amazeballs!

    Don't you just hate those migraines? They somehow put a little bit of life on hold! Ugh!

    ...and Queen Bey's performance was uber fab! Trust me, you are going to scream!!!


  3. I'm sorry you had a migraine! Missed you on Saturday.

  4. migraines suuuuuck! and i missed the Saturday meetup too unfortunately (note to self: must make then next one!)

    but at least you had a good weekend anyway. (i liked Argo too!)

  5. That is completely how I felt after Argo. I love me some Ben Affleck!

  6. Missed you at the get together!! but it sounds like you still had a great weekend :)

  7. aw I was bummed to miss the get together too :(

    hope you're feeling better!


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